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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Toomer Part II

It is not every day that you get an ex-player to share some insight on what is actually going on INSIDE. Add the fact that it is Amani Toomer and you have something worth listening to. How many times in Toomer's career did he show up a player or a coach? Before this, in 13 years, I cannot recall a single time.

January 28th: "They try to rely on the offensive line. And I think our offensive line is great, but they're great when we mix it up."

March 31st: "We practiced and prepared well. But we tried to beat them the same way we did the first time. We overemphasized things from the first time. We stayed the same. They adjusted. The rest is what happened. A shame."

They're great when we mix it up. Translation- you can have 5 great linemen going to the pro bowl but you cannot be predictable. Kevin Gilbride does not understand this.

October 28th: "Gilbride hinders the team. There is obviously something to lining up and punching someone in the mouth, but much like a fighter, there is a difference between a puncher and a boxer. A boxer can beat a puncher with strategy and technique. And it is much better to be a boxer and not always a puncher."

Shout out to Rob, who gets the kudos for articulating how Gilbrown is the puncher, not the boxer. Banks gave us the corroboration. Toomer left nothing for debate.


Motown Blue said...

Nature, when are you establishing the "fire Gilbride" website??? Now is the time more than ever!

This confirms and ends the debate. Why they shouldn't draft or trade for a WR or stud TE. The imbecile wouldn't know how to use him, especially a stud TE such as Gonzalez. Kinda' like having a Ferrari or Maserrati in your garage and taking out around the block.

Another point about Gilbrown is when he does try to get creative he often picks the absolute worst time. For example, the Manningham run around against the Eagles right when they had momentum. A QB sneak on 4th and inches against the Eagles........etc.

Bob said...

Nature, please start FIRE Gillbrown website........needed urgently.

Mitch said...

There is no groundswell to fire Gilbride. You never hear any media types ( print, radio etc ) call for his head. The only OC getting bashed in this town is Schottenheimer.

We collectively on this blog have been adamant about our feelings and it seems to go unnoticed...even at "The 5th Down" which in the past has recognized our opinions. Amani Toomer has had his say and you would think that would have carried some weight or at least started conversations about it...but it hasn't.

There was a caller to Mike Francesa today and he tried to make his point about Gilbride. Mike then lambasted him and told him he didn't know what he was talking about. Francesa made it seem like he never had any one ever complain about Gilbride before and treated the fan as some yutz who was clueless.

I hate to say it but we are stuck with Gilbride.

Buddy Ryan should have finished what he started many many moons ago.

Bass said...

It seems that the Broncos preferred to deal Cutler to the NFC. It looks like a great deal for the Broncos on paper from my perspective, though many will disagree by saying Cutler is a franchise quarterback for the next 10 years and can be expected to win a championship.

If Andy F. says that the Giants gave up too much in terms of draft picks for Eli, then you can certainly make the same argument that the Bears gave up too much value for Cutler.

I would like to hear Andy F.'s thoughts.

Andy F. said...

Francesa is a blohard and we know more about the Giants than he does. He knows more about the NFL than we do because, while we are busting our collective butts in our businesses, he is spending all day in that world. So when he speaks about 31 teams, I'll give him that. I called in once in my entire lifetime and spoke w Mike and the Mad Dog, it was before the Giants-Dallas playoff game, I made a point (something about how the reg season had less bearing on the game than recent play of the Giants), I was right and they were wrong.

Wonder, on the other hand, knows more than Francesa about the NFL and all the teams. Wonder is a freak and could be a GM. When I have questions or need help w understanding if my sense on the Giants is legit, I go to Wonder, and about 90-95% of the time Wonder will agree with my point. An example where we disagreed last season was that I was a BIG believer in Webster, he was not nearly sold, thought the Giants overpaid. But when it came to Gilbride, i.e. the Phila playoff game, Wonder was almost as ballistic as we were (he roots for the Giants, but not as much as we do), he ripped three people: Manning, Carney and Gilbride. "Where were the slants?" he yelled into the phone. "Not one. Count it, not a single slant the entire game." And then we watched in agony a week later as the Cardinals screened the Eagles to death. Shocking. Not. So I am not worried about Francesa's opinion. I'll take my chances with Simms, Banks, Wonder, Toomer and all of us. We are not deaf and dumb. Remember, Francesa's been wrong too many times to count. Mushnick's been counting and he lost track.

Cutler deal discussion + Wonder commentary on tomorrow morning's blog.

Nature said...

EVERYONE CHECK IT OUT let me know how you feel.


Andy F. said...

Link also added in the "Ultimatenyg Links" section. Nature's new site

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