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Sunday, April 5, 2009

The two legacies of Plaxico Burress


Comic Implosion

Addendum, this one from early this morning... you think that with his court appearance due in 13 days, he would be trying to stay out of a little trouble?


Mitch said...

Plaxico was quoted Friday...

"First of all I wanna thank the organization for allowing me to be a NY Giant, John Mara, Jerry Reese, Steve Tisch and Ernie Accorsi who is no longer there who was responsible for me to become a Giant," Burress wrote. "I wanna thank Ronnie Barnes and the whole training staff. I wanna thank my teammates for being so supportive of me and my family. We did and accomplished great things together. I wish you guys the best!

"And to the fans who I will miss the most for embracing me from day one. It's nothing like walking in Giants Stadium on Sundays and seeing all the #17 jerseys. Thank you NJ and NY for being so good to me. I appreciate the love!! Thanks for all the prayers and letters."

Plaxico may be a nice guy and friend to his teammates but he also is an irresponsible person who seems to care little about the law.

I think the Giants are to be commended for their actions on Plax. He did not want to be here...that is obvious. They had to move on.

I'm sure next season he will be the #1 receiver for the "Mean Machine"

Bob said...

I read Plax's book (what a waste of paper !)

From his book, it is obvious he has the mind of a 12 yr. old kid "from the hood", inside a superstar's body.

xtian said...

well, he helped the gmen get a super bowl. too bad he's so messed up. if he keeps up with his prima donna actions there's no way he'll not end up in jail someday. maybe that's the only way for him to learn.

btw, reading almost any memoir by an athlete of their championship season is a waste of time. one, the athlete almost never writes it, a ghost writer or journalist does. two, they are written at a 5th grade level at best and have lots of repetition. three, the athlete who narrates the story does not have well developed philosophies because they are young and haven't read anything but their playbook, so their insight is going to be mundane.

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