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Friday, April 3, 2009

After you read Garafolo, you will say:"Good Riddance"

Take it at face value. Mike Garafolo delivers good stuff, and this story, if correct, sheds plenty of light on what has been happening. (I am operating on this story being correct. If it is not, then some of the things I state below will be subject to change. I doubt that will be necessary. I think Garafolo has it and I think his story is very telling.)

Let me get this straight, Burress is upset? At the Giants? If this is the case, then the man is completely and totally whacked out and the Giants were sane enough to cut him and move on. The only thing the Giants did to protect themselves at any time was suspend him and withhold pay, which I believe will hold up (or at worst get arbitrated down) as part of the morals clause.

This story was so remarkable that I had to read it a second time to completely understand that Burress is a total lunatic.

Brafman's remark is completely true. As his lawyer, the Giants cutting him is a mistake because from that vantage point my client is now unemployed. As a Giants fan, it is a mistake on the surface because we just have "lost" a very good player. But according to all of this, it is just spin, because apparently he was lost a while ago. His own client wanted this!

Remember back in early fall, the ink was not even dry on his brand new contract, that first bonus check had just cleared and he was already causing more problems? Well, the Giants have been saints in all of this, have given him anything and everything, every opportunity, and he spits in the team's face. The Giants are a strong club, and players rave about them as an administration because they stand by you and give you every opportunity to succeed. In a word, they are loyal. They gave this man every opportunity, time and again. Fines, suspensions, holdouts, gunshot wounds... they stood by him as long as possible. He's upset?



NYG24 said...

I do not blame them at all for not wanting him back and dropping him today. In fact I'd have dropped him before March 1st. BUT I do blame them for on their own suspending him costing the Giants probably the Super Bowl. NEVER should he have been suspended before he had his day in court WHEN HE MEANT SO MUICH to last years team. Hew was walking 100% sound on TV at the stadium and with police the day after the incident.

Son of Mara and son of Tisch are worse boneheads than him and he is bad.

NYG24 said...

"Burress has yet to speak publicly on his situation, so it's unclear why he's so upset with the team, though their suspending him, placing him on the non-football injury list and withholding the bonus check likely didn't make him happy."

No kidding! He thought he still was physically able to play in last year's playoffs.

Andy F. said...

I disagree. He almost dragged another player, Pierce, down. He was guilty then and the Giants had first hand knowledge of that. His obstruction almost harmed the Giants administration. Plus his conduct the numerous times before this incident meant nothing?

Plaxico's own actions cost him and the Giants, not any decision to suspend him, which probably came from Coughlin and Reese anyway, fwiw.

NYG24 said...

Not the point! Giants needed him bad they could NOT replace him. League could not suspend him then. Mara and Tisch on their own ruined the Giants season. Get rid of him in the spring - fine! BUT not when they did. Giants were 11-1 then went 1-4 the rest of the way.

And even now, they wanted him back but for much less money while seat licensing the fans, So if they still wanted to have him, don't you think other teams might want to as well? So why not trade him for what you could get giving you more ammo if you try to get Boldin or Edwards?

Andy F. said...

NYG24, I understand your points, but the Giants could not look away for trying to win a title with him. Yes, everyone would love to look the other way, and if he did something the very first time it would be handled differently. But this guy was on an extremely short leash BEFORE the incident, and then he almost got another player who is one of the leaders of the team involved in obstruction of justice. The Giants did not have any choice.

Separately, a friend of mine who is a doctor said it is not clear whether or not he could have returned so quickly from that flesh wound and been 100% or effective. Maybe, maybe not.

As for Burress being replaceable, yes, he was not replaceable. But as we have defended strongly and factually, Gilbride took an offensive unit and did not adjust to his personnel, making the loss of Burress MAGNIFIED by this OC's incompetence.

As far as packaging him for a trade, that became far more difficult once the March 31 deadline passed and there was no deal with the DA. Combined with him not accepting a lesser deal, he was then cut. From what we can see, Burress playing in 2009 looks a lot less likely. Wonder laid out a plan where you get the nfl to waive any suspension for time served in the NYG suspension, and have him do his time before training camp. But then the DA blocked a shorter/no jail time deal, so it becomes difficult if you are one of the other teams to see getting him and then wondering how many yearS of his life is he going to go away before/after he plays for me? The Giants did not want to pay him any inflated money either, having gotten burned by him already. So packaging him for a sale before the 2009 season became next to impossible and they reached the point where they just have to move on.

NYG24 said...

Andy F.
"Separately, a friend of mine who is a doctor said it is not clear whether or not he could have returned so quickly from that flesh wound and been 100% or effective. Maybe, maybe not. "


True, but they could have AT LEAST waited a couple of weeks to see how his leg progressed it was still 5 weeks to the day the Giants would play after the week off. BUT they didnt wait and immediately and on their own suspended him and themselves ruined the season.

Plus if he is so bad, after all he did in Pittsburgh and here, just why did they even want him back now?

Motown Blue said...

All of this just doesn't make sense which leads me to believe again that Burress has a mental disorder (not being funny here!). His pattern of behavior and then walking away, allegedly, from the $$ the Giants were honoring is ludicrous considering where he expects to sign for this now? The NY media is insanely harsh and he would have been a circus act upon return but not harsh enough to overcome in the short run. Bottom line there is got to be more to this than what has been reported so far!

As for the nater prior between NYG24 and Ultimate Andy, we have no clue what Burress medical situation clearly was. I am sure the organization had the odds on what his chances were to recover for the playoffs and made their decision accordingly. NYG24, if 1 player ruined their season then a) that is not saying much about your team as a whole or b) your OC is dipbrowned, brownedholed, blowhard of a moron who can't adjust to his personnel.

By the way, the Matthews and Cushing report is not in anyways a shocker. True overachievers and never sounded right from the get go about these 2. Can anyone honestly tell me that 90% of NFL players didn't take PED at one point in time in their playing career?

Anonymous said...

Good riddance.

NYG24 said...

Motown Blue
", if 1 player ruined their season then a) that is not saying much about your team as a whole.."


Suppose Larry Fitzgerald got hurt in game 16, do you really think Arizona would have gone to the Super Bowl? Burress to this team meant so much as was proved by the 1-4 the rest of the way. Those numbers proved it. Mara and Tisch NEVER should have suspended him ON THEIR OWN at that point in the season. You've seen them carry 2 kickers all year on the roster or a guy who is hurt for 10-12 weeks before they put him on IR but Burresss they immediately suspended not even giving his injury any chance to heal or see how it did - AND he was was walking perfectly without the slightest sign of a limp.

2 stupid moves
1- on their own suspending him THEN

2- NOT trading him now instead of cutting him

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