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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Last comments before TB, video breakdown, and LaRon Landry

Carl Banks breaks down 2 plays about TB

The loss of Madison hurts because Webster is vulnerable and makes a thin secondary even thinner. Manning needs to play with a sense of urgency because it does not get any more urgent than the finality of the playoffs. If the Giants cannot get past TB, then we certainly have no right talking about GB, DAL, NE, IND. WIN THE GAME AND MOVE ON.

Some remarks on the SEA-WASH game... you could use the video of this game as a clinic for all that is important to winning in the NFL. SEA is killing the Skins, but does not put them away and is only leading 13-0 midway thru 3 quarters. One drive for a TD and then an INT enable the Skins to steal the lead 14-13, and like that in a few minutes an entire game's advantage is gone! And that is when the game first got interesting... A special teams gaffe by SEA on the ensuing KO nearly blew the doors open for Washington when SEA was unable to field a kickoff and gave the ball to the Skins at the SEA 13 yd line. 4 plays later SEA had the ball back when Washington could not move the ball and the kicker had missed the FG! SEA drives the ball downfield, makes a 2 pt conversion, and what was looking like a meltdown for Seattle is now a 21-14 lead. And then in equally stunning fashion, the Skins battle back, drive the ball to the 46 yd line, Collins throws a long pass down the right sideline to Moss. Trufant INTs. No problem, this is like a quickkick, tackle the guy at the 20 yd line, stop them, you will still have field position and you are only down by a score. NOT. Santana Moss makes a delayed, half-hearted attempt to tackle Trufant (Collinsworth: "looks like he gave up on the play"), and the next thing you know he runs 80 yards down the sideline for a TD. The line of scrimmage was near the 50! So the entire offense is guilty of giving up on a single play, and this was the dagger. A game which could have been 21-13 Washington was now 28-14 Seattle in a matter of minutes. ONE MORE THING- LaRon Landry. He plays centerfield and made two picks of Hasselbeck by reading his EYES. He did the same thing to Manning. In the NFL if you do not look off the safety they will punish you. The final score may hide that in this game, but in games against better opponents who do not make mistakes you will lose because of that.

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