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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Weather update, injury update, random comments

Injury Update:
Sam Madison (abdominal) and Kevin Dockery (hip flexor) did not practice today. Aaron Ross participated in the workout on a limited basis. Ross wore a harness on his shoulder. He said he will wear a less-cumbersome brace in the game. “I can still move, I can still intercept the ball,” Ross said. “Things I need to do I can do. I’m getting treatment three times a day. It’s feeling a lot better. I have a good range of motion. By Sunday I should be a hundred percent.”

Weather Update:
Single digits, Wind 10mph... (wind chill would be -10F assuming 5 degree temps).

I keep reading random stories from friends that are great to share. Andy L remarks that even his totally sports-ignorant wife was able to figure it out that the game was won when a roar was heard two flights up in his home. Charles says that apparently his reaction to the McQuarters INT was so delirious that the cat took a few hours to come out of hiding. My loudest reaction of the night? A yell that shook the house when Webster dropped that easy INT pick.

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