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Sunday, January 6, 2008

You are Tomlin, 10:25 left in the game, what do you do?

You have just scored a TD to make it 28-23. You are Tomlin, 10:25 left in the game, what do you do? KICK THE EXTRA POINT MEATHEAD! Click on this link and read rule #6 if you do not know why. Instead, we watch Tomlin go for the 2, wrong! Penalty on the attempt, now it is at the 12 yard line. KICK THE EXTRA POINT MEATHEAD! Somehow, Tomlin becomes psychotic and delusional, thinking that he is only scoring one FG left in the next 10+ minutes (his team would touch the ball THREE more times, mind you!), so he goes for the 2 AGAIN from the 12! Incredible. We will erect a monument to this, maybe even rename rule #6 as the Mike Tomlin Rule... because what ensues is classic punishment for going for the 2. The Steelers score a TD on the NEXT DRIVE. But now they are up by only 1! And with ~ 6 mins left in this situation the difference between 2 and 3 almost forces you to go for the 2 now, which he does, and misses. If they had done the correct thing at 10:25 left, they collect the extra point BOTH times and are up by 3, which likely pushes this game to OT, because a late Jax FG seals the game at 31-29. Instead the Steelers lose. The only thing more insane than going for the 2 with 10:25 left down by 5 is going for the 2 when you are pushed back to the 12 yard line. There is simply too much time left and being on "4" points instead of 5 is an important number too.

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