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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Trivia Question

How much time was remaining when Coughlin went into the tank and rolled out the prevent offense (runrunrunkick)? 5 minutes left? How about 6 minutes? No, and no. Guess again.

He had a 4 point lead, be nice, he knew that it would hold up, so we were all wrong and he had it all measured up, it was okay to burn clock!

9:27 left.


Fassel was a total meathead for going into the tank with 17 minutes left and a 24 point lead. This time it is 9:27 left and a 4 point lead. I am not sure which is worse. You play with fire and you WILL get burned. Try doing that with Favre next week, we'll see who needs a skin graft.

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