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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Money Drive On Film, Banks on the Packers

Meat and Potatoes. We are going to run the ball. We know you know that we are going to run the ball. You try to stop us. This guy adds 1-2 yards per carry in value in a game that will come down to inches. That is called edge.

Here is a link to Carl Banks dissecting film of the Packers. Note how Banks (in the second play, a run) talks about going "fast and forward" and going "vertical" when running through the Packer DL and LBs. In the play chosen, the FB does not do a good enough job on the block. But if Hedgecock can seal the LB off, who do you think is getting through that hole faster, Jacobs or Bradshaw?


1600 said...

A note on the sidebar, where Ronde Barber applauded Ahmad Bradshaw's game against Tampa Bay: Ronde, you have far more class than your arrogant, backstabbing brother, who can't find it in his heart to say a good word about Coughlin or the Giants, nor have the stones to talk about how well they've done without him. Tiki, we know who the evil twin is now. As good as you played (when you weren't giving up the ball, something you couldn't do 'til COUGHLIN drummed it into your thick head it wasn't a loaf of bread) it was always about YOU. You had an opportunity to LEAD last year when you decided to demotivate your team and save your pretty face for the broadcast booth. For that, we'll never forgive you- go down to Dallas and broadcast there. You and TO will make a fine couple- will you shed crocodile tears when they attack Eli again? Or lead the charge??
Wotta turncoat BUM.

Power Blogger said...

Hey Andy. You got a great site. I was trying to find your email address, but I couldn't find it. You should check out the Giants blog on diehardsportsfan.net. We are looking for writers. My name is Keith, and my email address is all over the website if you're interested. Look forward to hearing from you. I'm going to add you to my blogroll.

Andy F. said...

I used to be a HUGE Tiki fan. He simply disgraced himself and all the years he wore that uniform. I will not forget all the contributions he made over the years, but he could have shown even an ounce of class and that would have been enough. Makes me appreciate guys like Simms all the more.

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