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Sunday, January 13, 2008

NYG 21 DAL 17 Part 1


Outside of the PREVENT OFFENSE, which prevents you from winning, this was a great win.

Coughlin and Gilbride better kiss Spagnuolo's toes, because the two of them SHAMEFULLY WENT INTO THE PREVENT OFFENSE and did not have to make this game go down to the wire. The defense deserves accolades for playing 60 minutes. We are up 21-17 WITH THE BALL and we runrunrunkick. We are up 21-17 with the ball and we runrunpasskick. It is a minor miracle that we survived the last two Dallas possessions to live another week, two possessions that arguably were not even required to jeopardize a potential victory.

WHERE IS BRADSHAW? Do you realize that until the last offensive possession, Ahmad Bradshaw was in on only two possessions (which both netted TDs) and was part of 14 of the 21 points scored?!!!! THIS TEAM COULD HAVE SCORED AT WILL HAD HE BEEN IN THERE ALL GAME.

The defensive line had no pressure until late in Q3, and the game turned when they started getting to Romo. The secondary of this team played ACES, decimated by injury, held together with scotch tape and sticky glue. They shocked the world. They even shocked us diehard Giants fans. When Ross gets hurt, gets hurt again, all I am thinking is that our nickel back is Geoffrey Pope, who as of a week ago was on the practice squad! Maybe we can get Madison back next week. Maybe Ross is not seriously hurt. No matter- we are going to Green Bay!

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