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Sunday, January 20, 2008


Corey Webster our hero! Marvelous says he almost did not make it to his next Birthday. I think that goes for you, me and countless numbers of Giants fans. We completely outplayed this team and made so many boneheaded self-inflicted mistakes which nearly cost us this game, but Webster delivered us and Tynes finally got the job done!!!!

Ahmad Bradshaw once again the human spark plug which ignited this offense. Steve Smith great contributions. Eli Manning? He was the only QB who showed up BIG while the Hall of Famer could not get much of anything done. Game ball to Eli whether he got it or not. Plaxico Burress playing w a torn ligament- tremendous performance vs a terrific corner. The entire defense ACES AGAIN! Hixon on great returns and the fumble recovery. Toomer's 2 toes getting the pass completion in bounds.


I have a few questions...

How much money did McQuarters bet on Green Bay?

How much will we be favored over the Patriots?

FOOD FOR THOUGHT- We played toe to toe vs the Patriots at the end of the year and they did not even see AHMAD BRADSHAW!


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