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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Two tickets to the NFC Championship in your locker

Dallas hadn't won a playoff game in 11 years. TO told us to getcha popcorn ready. Jerry Jones put two tickets to the NFC Championship in the locker of every player before the game. Wade Phillips says that Dallas was the better team despite the loss.


As an appetizer, here is one of the first previews of what we will see this weekend.


Mike Kavis said...

I have a technology blog that I maintain but I had to write a post about my trip to big D this weekend. I also included a hilarious video that a fan put on YouTube. Enjoy!


Mike Kavis said...

Try this link if the first one did not work.


Andy F. said...

LOL. The helmet coming off to reveal #92 was grrreat! Mike, I think I have met my match in a fellow diehard sicko Giant fan like you. One more thing, you going to freeze your butt off this weekend in Lambeau? I have a friend who is a meteorologist, so keep checking the blog for the latest updates.

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