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Monday, January 14, 2008

Who is Kenny Holmes?

(1) The Giants played through vs the Pats and EVERYTHING has come from that game.
(2) How many of you remember Kenny Holmes? He was a defensive end signed as a free agent (from the Titans) to help us with the fact that Cedric Jones was a bust. Scene: my favorite game of all time, the 49er implosion of January '03. We are depleted at DL but we are winning 38-14. Out goes Holmes in Q3 with an injury. Problem? Nope. You have an offense that can score at will. We know the end of the story- the prevent offense kills us. (It is 5 years later and I still need therapy from this game!)

So why do I mention Holmes? Because SIMILARLY, when ROSS GOES OUT IN Q3 and depletes an injury-ravaged Secondary so that we now have Geoffrey Pope (of the famed Practice Squad, now our nickel back, having NEVER PLAYED A SINGLE DOWN IN THE NFL), who do you want out there to win the game? Your offense with a few first downs to seal it or your injury-ravaged (and may I remind you, overworked, exhausted, minutes-challenged) defense? History may not repeat, but history certainly rhymes. ROSS:COUGHLIN as HOLMES:FASSEL. Play your offense for 60 minutes, and if your defense is depleted, PLAY IT FOR 70. STOP WITH THE BULLSH*T and win a championship.
(3) This was a sweet win to savor. After spending the better part of a day going over the game in my head, I have come to the sad conclusion that Wade Phillips is simply a bigger loser than Gilbride/Coughlin. We tried unsuccessfully to blow the game twice, at 9:27 left and 3:46 left. I do not believe in retread head coaches for expressly this reason. For every retread that finds his way (Belichick/Cleveland) there are a zillion other former coaches like Schottenheimer/Green/etc... that do not resurface to win the big one. (LOL, if Turner faces Coughlin in the big dance, I will happily eat crow this coming Sunday night!)
(4) Thanks to Peter F. who reminds us that later in the game, Gilbride was the genius running Jacobs wide and Bradshaw inside.
(5) Marvelous points out the insanity now taking place with Bradshaw still running kickoffs. Hixon is doing just fine, thanks! And it is further proof that our coaches have no freaking clue what they have in Bradshaw. Should we remind them what happened to Jason Sehorn in August 1998?
(6) Does anyone see the irony in Coughlin repeating his predecessor's mistakes? I think TC has done a great job in so many ways, but he must wake up and realize that this championship is for the TAKING, not for the RECEIVING.
(7) Anyone notice that the two wild card teams which won this weekend were both the only ones which had seen their opponent before? I do not believe that is a complete coincidence, because one of the advantages of the bye team is more time to prepare... having played your opponent previously reduces the work and narrows the advantage.
(8) Consensus among Dallas fans is that Patrick Crayton's mouth and dropped pass made him the goat.
(9) Just heard that Wade Phillips says that he felt his team outplayed the Giants and were the better team. He in turn blamed himself and accepted responsibility for the loss.
(10) With Glenn and TO coming back from injury, as well as the entire team taking off at the end of the season, it is being suggested that the team tired.


Mike Kavis said...

I was at the game sitting in the middle of the Cowpokes season ticket holders. They all started turning on Romo in the second half when the Giants started applying pressure. The guy had a huge year but it didn't matter to these fans because the G-Men came into their house and made Romo mortal. I was impressed that the D could turn it up a notch in the 4th quarter despite being on the field for 36 minutes!

Andy F. said...

Thanks Mike. Spags and the Giant defense were called upon time and again. If they would have buckled at any point it would have been almost understandable- if u give an opponent too many chances they will eventually do SOMETHING against you. Spags has watched the blueprint of competing with these great/mobile QBs- beat the living s*** out of them and give them as much pressure as humanly possible because they are going to beat you anyway, so you might as well go down by disrupting their rhythm and giving them physical punishment. Umenyiora finally got past Adams and then the roof caved in on them. Thanks again for the input.

John (Critter) Carini said...

"Anyone notice that the two wild card teams which won this weekend..." Huh?
The Giants were the only wild card winner this past weekend. The Pats, Chargers and Packers all won their divisions, although the Chargers with the #3 seed had to play during "wild card weekend". Is that what you meant?

Andy F. said...

Yes. By wild card winner, I meant wild card round winner. The NFL refers to it as "Wild Card Weekend," so divisional winners w/o the bye get mixed in with those mutts who had to sleaze in with the wild card.

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