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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Big Brown will likely become the first Triple Crown winner in 30 years

This is a NY Giants blog. I really could care less about the other sports out there; I'd trade 162 Yankee wins for one Giant win any day. But today it will be fun to watch Big Brown make some history, win the Belmont Stakes, and become the first triple crown winner in 30 years. Of more interest to me will be the "game" of the minus show pool, whereby the parimutual betting becomes so lopsided that there are profit opportunities on betting on Big Brown and a combination of other horses to extract a profit by betting on all of them to "show." Yep, it is June, another 5 days before minicamp and another month and half before training camp in Albany, so you take what you can get for sports amusement.

1 comment:

Andy F. said...

Good thing this isn't a horse racing blog! The chances of Big Brown losing were sort of like.. the PATRIOTS LOSING TO THE GMEN!

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