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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Garafolo reports on details of Snee's contract

Here are the details of the new six-year extension for Giants G Chris Snee, according to his agent, Noel LaMontagne of EAS Sports:
*Total value of $41.25 million without escalators. With escalators, the max value of the deal is $43.5 million.
*$13.5-million signing bonus.
*Base salary average of $6.875 million.
*$17 million guaranteed.
*$23 million in the first three years of the contract.
Snee's salary for the upcoming season remains the same, but was incorporated in the new contract so the actual figure will change.

This is very impressive $ for a Guard. Top 5 Guard money, up there with Faneca. Very hard to argue that Burress (/Umenyiora) does not deserve the same kind of money.

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