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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Jeremy Shockey hits New York

or: Jeremy Shockey hits New York Giants. Well, why has Shockey been letting all kinds of talk leak out through his "close friends?" If they were his friends they would not be speaking out of turn, and that is for sure. What about his friends saying he wants a trade? My patience for this guy has to be as high as anyone's because I believe he is misused and misunderstood by the offensive "minds." But my patience is wearing extremely thin with this pea brain. Last year he was pissed off at Manning for making remarks about conversations he had with him in the offseason. Now it is Giants upper management, lower management, owners, blah blah. Quit crying and show up. Tell us those weren't your friends, that you never requested a trade, and end the talk, OR admit that you were a f'g child in using intermediaries through the media and that you are sorry for any confusion. This guy's price (in a trade) just dropped.

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