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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ward, Kiwanuka and Shockey

Here is a little reality check for the Shockey bashers... Ward was not in attendance at Glendale AZ for the Super Bowl. The media dissected every single move of Shockey and ignored Ward and Kiwanuka. All three have mostly similar stories. Only one is a pro bowl player who was under-utilized. Shockey admittedly behaves like a three year old child when he uses 'a friend' to vent requests for a trade. But he also gets a bad rap for the double-standard about those who want him to feel like he is a part of this championship. Ward's words clearly show how difficult that is for ANY player in that situation.

Minicamp on June 11. The Shockey sideshow continues.


Bass said...

There are reports that Jason Taylor would like to be traded. If you're Jerry Reese and Bill Parcells calls you and asks, "Would you trade Jeremy "the Miami boy" Shockey for Jason Taylor?--straight up", would you be willing to accept that trade?

Would you reject it because Shockey preumably has many more years left to play in his career than Taylor?

Andy F. said...

That thought certainly came to mind. But Taylor is the wrong position at the wrong age. It would have made for a quick deal, one disenchanted (6x) pro bowl veteran for another (4x). If Strahan leaves it is slightly more attractive, but with Kiwi and Tuck in the wings I personally don't have the interest. Taylor will be 34 come opening day. You have to be willing to give the Giants something else in that deal, like a (2 or a) 3. Another problem is that he or Umenyiora would have to move to the left side. Sadly the Dolphins would have to give up more than they would want to in order to close the deal. Shockey is 6 years younger and in his prime. I would want the same #2 pick the Saints were offering in addition to Taylor because he only has a few years left.

Andrew said...

I hear you, there are other players in the same situation... however, it's about attitude. Ward was just happy to be a contributor during the season, he also went to the ring ceremony, and seems to have relatively high spirits about the whole thing. As for Kiwanuka, he was also present at the ring ceremony, and after a recent piece in the post, it is clear that he is excited and gearing up for the season. Shockey IS a great player, and he is under-utilized in Kevin Gillbride's system. However, that does not give him the right to act like an entitled little brat. I do think that we will be better with him, but honestly, team chemistry is important, and even though I used to think he didn't hurt the team's chemistry, I'm starting to doubt that. After last year when he called out Manning, and this year, using friends to talk smack about Giants staff, owners and players, I'm starting to get sick of it. I know we need the blocking, but I'm more concerned about the hole opened up by our left tackle situation. Besides, with all our depth at running back and wide receiver, we should be able to keep defenses honest. Amani Toomer stepped into stride in the playoffs, and will come into next season healthy and ready to go. Also, Steve Smith is the future, this kid has serious talent and could turn into the next Hindes Ward. Also, Boss is clearly a good receiving TE. We need Jeremy as a blocker but that is not what makes him special. If his attitude is this bad, why is he worth his large contract? I wanna bolster our linebacking corps and our O-line, even if we have to trade for picks in next years draft and a solid rollplayer in one of our positions of need, I think it's worth it to cut our losses and send Jeremy Shockey out of New York.

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