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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kiwanuka at the NY Giants OTA

Kiwanuka at the NY Giants OTA


Daniel said...

I know you think Strahan's coming back for the upcoming season, but if he does retire - and announces it soon - is there the possibility of the Giants making a move to get another DE? Or are they just going to platoon Kiwanuka and Tuck in Strahan's spot?

Andy F. said...

Although I have my (divorce money angle) bias that he will be back, the news and feel tell me otherwise. I really do not know, and that opinion is not strong enough to really matter. As for the Giants going after another DE.. they just answered your question with Wynn. Body count only. The Giants are very young at DL- Tuck is 25, Cofield is 24, Tollefson is 27, Umenyiora is 27, the #6 is a rookie, Kiwi is 25 (if he returns to the line)... Tuck will get the spot and they will keep Kiwi at LB as long as possible while giving him far more ops to blitz.

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