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Monday, June 2, 2008

Giants sign Renaldo Wynn

I am sure this will shake up your first work day of June... the Giants have signed veteran DE Renaldo Wynn. This falls under the category of: you can never have enough bodies rotating on the DL. Keep in mind that the Giants did not draft a lineman this April until their last pick (#6b Robert Henderson). Wynn is a numbers pick.

1 comment:

Bass said...

Signing Renaldo Wynn was a safe, low-cost signing of a back-up veteran.

I'm concerned about the status of Eli Manning's contract (even though this won't be an issue until 2010).

Michael Lombardi from si.com writes
that it is imperative to have the important players signed for 2010:

Should we be worrying about Eli Manning's long-term contract issues? Should the Giants try to sign Manning ASAP to a Ben Roethlisberger type of deal that will take him past 2010?

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