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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bob Popa on Shockey

6) Shockey? Popa pointed to Derrick Ward’s remarks about getting hurt, how difficult it is to remain connected to the team. And Popa cleared up a little bit of the Simms-Shockey yahoo bs you have seen from the masses who want Shockey’s head. Everyone says there you see Simms on the sideline of Super Bowl XXV… Popa points out that Simms watched Q1 of XXV from the sideline, it was killing him to be there, he was not a part of the team (despite having them 10-2 at the time of his injury; Shockey was with the team thru the Redskins loss at 9-5). Simms retreated into the tunnel for Q2, and then went to the hotel to watch Q3 and Q4 on television. Popa says that every player that gets hurt feels disconnected from a playoff run- it is very painful and implied that the microscope we are putting Shockey under is not entirely fair. He says Shockey is well respected by the other players and thinks by the time training camp arrives (when he is cleared for practice and is working with his teammates) he will be a part of the team again.

1 comment:

Daniel said...

On ESPN Michael Strahan said he totally understands the position Shockey was put in by the media. He said if the Giants lose, Shockey gets blamed, and if the Giants win, well it's a good thing Shockey was gone.

Strahan went on to say that if Shockey needed a change of scenery he completely understood.

I wish people would lay off Shockey, he's so much better than anyone else who would possibly replace him. Unless the Giants are trading Shockey for Antonio Gates, they are downgrading at the TE position.

Give Shockey a chance with the all-grown up Eli Manning and let's see if he doesn't stay in line this year. And anyway, he's just going to get injured again around week 12 or so like he does every year.

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