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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jay Alford

Jay Alford talks with Giants.com about 2007 and 2008. We take it for granted the progression of a rookie, but Alford makes candid remarks about getting in shape, hitting the wall, managing the pull between specials/defensive unit work and getting more playing time. "I got a lot stronger this offseason, I want to work on my power rushing." People do not understand that the position at interior DL is probably the second most difficult (next to QB) for a rookie to come right in and be successful. The physical demands are incredible. (That Cofield even started all 16 games as a rookie was incredible... not surprisingly we witnessed his first season tail off dramatically towards the end.) For Alford, if he can become a good lineman for the Giants he will only add to the amazing Rookie Class of 2007. Regardless of what he is able to do in his career, that sack of Tom Brady in the Super Bowl will always have a special place in our championship season.

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