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Friday, June 13, 2008

Michael Strahan- Run Stopper Extraordinaire

How will you remember Michael Strahan?

I will let Michael answer that one for me...

"I love playing the run more than I love rushing the passer, to be honest with you. Because it’s fun, it’s just fun. It’s different when you have a big guy you have to run around because that seems a lot easier. But it’s not easier than holding up a big guy and getting off and making the play. I just love to play the run more so than the pass. And I think as a defensive end I prided myself on being a defensive end, not just a pass rusher. I want to do everything. If the ball was between that center and the sideline and I didn’t make a tackle, then I felt like it was my mistake; that I gave up the yards even if it was two gaps over or on the outside. So I would show somebody just the run tapes; show how I played the run and say, 'That’s him, right there. Forget about the sacks, he took pride in this end of it more so than that.'"

Do not ever forget it... sheer artistry was watching Strahan against the run. Teams spent much of their time running to the right side because they knew Strahan was a nightmare and saboteur on the left. Some times they would go at him and he would blow up the play like it was going in slow motion. Yes, Strahan would toy with the linemen, TEs and RBs who would fruitlessly try to push him off the play. One thing I consistently did NOT see.. Strahan being doubled on run defense. Why? Because he would shed one blocker so quickly to get to the second position, then adroitly push off the next player at the moment where he could dart over to blow up the play and make the tackle. And he did it VIRTUALLY EVERY TIME. Yes, Michael Strahan, your sacks will get replaced eventually, but your run-stopping never will.

1 comment:

Cody said...

He shall be missed. Nothing more to say.

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