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Sunday, October 19, 2008

17-10 at the half

Let's give the Giants credit credit for stopping the run, but they have not been able to stop the pass because of .. NO PRESSURE. 2 sacks by giants misleading because those were coverage sacks. O'Sullivan has O'DAY back there. 3 step drops are effective, and on the 7 step drops he finds Morgan for TD, to name just one of many. If not for the TWO PICKS by JOHNSON, we can be losing the game thus far. Last year vs this team it was an Osi-sack-strip-fumblerecovery-TDrunback that was difference, so this is a battle once again. Plax is certainly doing a big job of adding to the 'volatility' of the offense. Either he is gtg 30 yard penalties or he is giving them. Loved the 4th and 1 to Bradshaw at the 10 yard line, TD 2 plays later. Manning playing VERY WELL, his receivers with a few drops.
Summary- stop the SF pass, get pressure.

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