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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Ultimatenyg power ranking is in the header of the blog. Just look up at the top. ^

Power rankings are ridiculous. At the start of last year's playoffs, the Giants were 10th out of 12 remaining teams, and after the season was over and they had won the championship, they were ... FIFTH! Yes, 5th to start the new season. Well, with Dallas losing, the Giants having squeaked out the win at home vs Cincinnati a week earlier and another week going by idle, they are finally ranked #1 for the first time in recent memory. Let them be ranked last as long as they win the championship. We have said this before and will say it over and over... the NFL is not about beating Dallas that season or getting to the playoffs or drafting well or being competitive or anything else except one thing... WINNING CHAMPIONSHIPS. In the Super Bowl era they have THREE, that is how we keep score. That is the ultimatenyg power ranking system. See the top of the blog? Three titles. That appearance in Jan 2001's Super Bowl? As far as I am concerned, a nice year but no title, so NO CHAMPIONSHIP. Ask anyone from Buffalo if they would trade the 4 appearances in the Super Bowl for ONE title? Do you even have to guess the answer?!


James Allen said...

Love those power rankings. I've always thought the Super Bowl champ should be determined by polls.

And just to slightly switch gears, I have to add to the chorus that thinks the Al Davis press conference was one for the ages. The bar for crazy owner rantings has just been raised tenfold.

Pastime Princess said...

I don't like the Gmen getting any props from anyone. They have never ever done well when they are suppose to do well.

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