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Sunday, October 26, 2008


IF WE LOSE THIS GAME, it will not be anyone's fault on defense.
IF WE LOSE THIS GAME, it will all be on Gilbride wasting his offense.

3rd and short, the Giants hand off the ball to Jacobs, he is the WRONG RB, Ward OR Bradshaw would have made the first down. Typical Gilbride. GILBRIDE=VOMIT.


Nature said...

i just said it dont put JACOBS in on short yardage and he fucks us again...JACOBS and GILBRIDE are just fvcking great

Nature said...

i said it halftime post...the refs are killings us PLAX was clearly held on 3rd down

James Allen said...

The Steelers are pulling shirts all the time and they are not being called, but hey, they called back a TD on a hold, so the refs aren't killing the Giants all that much.

But the 4th FG drive. Sigh. First, they use Boss and get a great first down (yay!) they don't know what the hell they are running out of a TO (huh?) a GREAT PASS to Toomer (yay!) and what do they do first and goal on the five? A fucking pitch to Ward for a loss of two. I hate the pitch play, especially inside the 10... hate it hate it hate it. Where the hell is Bradshaw?

As a type this the Steelers back-up long snapper just snapped it in the end zone to tie the game at 14. I swear, this Steeler team is so beat up, the Giants might very well win in the end but they are sure as hell doing it the hard way.

J. Alton Simpletary said...
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James Allen said...

Play action on second down to Kevin Boss for a TD. I'm speechless. I have to finally give the guy credit. That was a well-called drive by Gilbride. They attacked the tired, hurt team, as you've always preached Andy.

Coleman said...

Yeah, just when you think you hate Jacobs, he gets the 8-yd run to set up the Boss TD and as I write this the D suffocates the Steelers again and the Giants are ready to win!!!

Nature said...

1st play he have gaurds pulling? run straight ahead

James Allen said...

There's nothing wrong with Jacobs per se, but when the entire world knows you are handing it to Jacobs on 3rd or 4th and 1 and they stack 8 in the box and predictably stuff it, it shows they should mix it up a bit more in short yardage.

In the end they are probably going to win this game, and the 4th quarter will make most people forget the first three. Let's hope the Giants and Gilbride look at the 4th quarter film and do more of that.

James Allen said...

Well, not the prettiest thing but they got the job done. Kind of reminds me of the game in Chicago last year. No matter what happens early, no matter what Gilbride calls, this team can perform in the 4th quarter, and that's nothing to shake a stick at.

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