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Sunday, October 26, 2008

some odds and ends

1) in 2007, the Giants were in the bottom third of the league in penalties with ~5 ppg. In 2008 they are 4th with 7.5 ppg. Not good. Those stupid personal foul penalties are killing us, two (Burress, O'Hara) in the last game alone. Both are 100% selfishness. 4th in the league is back to Luke Petitgout days, that has to be cleaned up.

2) Burress is going to play... so does he give the gmen a great game today in his first visit back to Pittsburgh since coming the Giants? I'd like to think so, but we have not seen him and Manning on the same page since his suspension. I am cautiously optimistic he can get it together for this game.

3) With Santonio Holmes out, this means we are going to see a lot of Heath Miller. Miller is a very good TE. If we want to bump and run on Ward, that means Ward can get some over the top help. Which leaves the strong safety for Miller. Miller was the one who roasted Sammy Knight in the playoff game vs the Jags this past January. You have to expect we will be hearing his name called.

4) Pierce and Diehl have practiced and are "probable." That means they are playing.



Mitch said...

The Steelers' defense will bring pressure on Eli from the edge. He must read the DB's quickly and get the ball off because there might not be a lot of time for routes to develop. I think that makes Steve Smith very important today. The Giants are going to have to use all of their backs against an excellent run defense. I'm sure the Pitt "D" will be geared to stop Brandon Jacobs first. So, I hope Gilbride will utilize both Derrick Ward & Ahmad Bradshaw alot. Bradshaw is the type of back that can make you miss. If he gets hit and fights for the extra yardage he has to secure the ball. The Giants Defense has to win the line of scrimmage, and if they do they'll should win the game. Lets also hope that Aaron Ross will be more consistant this week. I'm sure it will be a tough in your face type of game. GO BIG BLUE!

Andy F. said...

Pittsburgh blitzes ~70% on third down. If I know that, certainly Eli and the Giants know that. One of the ways you make them pay with the blitz is with screens (hint: Bradshaw) or quick/hot routes to Smith and/or Toomer. More than ever, the credit or blame for this win or loss is going to fall on Gilbride, because he has the unit that is going to make or break the effort.

Andy F. said...

...and Jacobs will be great for stoning with his great blitz pickups

dberenson said...

If Eli is on his game today, that'll be more important than Gilbride's role.

I worry that Phil Simms is wrong: He says the two teams are equal excepts for the Giants O-line. But I think Pittsburgh's LBs and Safeties are better, and that they'll slow the Giants run game down.

xtian said...

pitt has more injuries than giants which ultimately makes a difference and giants win the game

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