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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Need a TE?

Too late, past the trading deadline.

I guess it would have been humorous to watch and see how Gilbride would react to having a guy like Gonzalez... what would it take for him to realize that the TE causes all kinds of opportunities for your offense?

Question- Opposing safeties that face the Giants each week are worried about:

a) run support
b) Burress over the top
c) Boss
d) Gilbride's a joke, a+b


Pastime Princess said...


jblaze said...

ahmad brawshaw

KP said...

It's getting ridiculous. Week after week we see him under utilizing his weapons. How about putting Boss in the slot like Shockey? Bradshaw on 3rd down passing plays? Sending a deep ball to Moss? List goes on and on. Get rid of him Reese!

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