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Friday, October 10, 2008

Revealing remarks about Jacobs and Bradshaw

There is nothing like the words of an opponent. When you hear them say something on the margin, you pay attention:

You can be sure heading into Monday night's game in Cleveland that Brandon Jacobs and the Giants offensive line will take notice on comments made by Browns defensive end Corey Williams. This from Paul Schwartz:

Williams said toughness had nothing to do with Jacobs' big-play ability. "It's a zone-blocking scheme that lets him run and pick a hole," he said. "There ain't nothing physical about them."

Williams, acquired from the Packers for a second-round draft pick, said Jacobs tired in last year's NFC Championship.

"We were hitting [Jacobs], and he was slowing down," Williams said. "He left the game. They let the Bradshaw kid come in. He's really the one who killed us."

The NY Giants Ultimatenyg football blog has been the unofficial home of Ahmad Bradshaw, wondering aloud why he does not get into the starting lineup for some time. We also acknowledge that Bradshaw has been the positive recipient of Jacobs 'softening up' the defense for his delayed entry. But we still have to keep hammering at the evidence. Everyone sees the explosive ability in Bradshaw except the Giants coaching staff.

Perhaps it is part of a genius master plan to play Jacobs and Ward until they get hurt, and then have the 'little' guy take us to the house in playoffs crunch time when everyone else is worn down and/or injured. I respect that a great deal. What I do NOT respect is Bradshaw returning kickoffs- if and when he gets hurt, that madness will make me blow a gasket. We have been stating it clearly that we expect Jacobs to slow down later this season because the punishment he dishes out also takes its toll on his own body... especially considering he is much taller than normal for a RB and thus has to run a little too tall. The only RB I have seen who could consistently run 'tall,' not get hurt, and last a (hall of fame) career was Eric Dickerson. At least Jacobs lowers his shoulder when impact is coming.

Sidenote to Corey Williams- You may be big enough to not be intimidated by Jacobs, but none of the back 7 look forward to that kind of punishment.


Mitch said...

When the Giants heard that Seattle running back Julius Jones wasn't intimidated by their defense and that he planned to "hit 'em in the mouth," they didn't fire back or try to make a point of his trash talk. Thank you Corey Williams & Shaun Smith....I hope the whole league keeps talking smack about the G-Men. As far as Bradshaw is concerned, all of us have been on board with him not returning kickoffs. I'd rather see Danny Ware or Reuben Droughns.

Pastime Princess said...

Remember a good corner we had. I believe his name was Jason Sea..something. I forget now but i remember he got hurt running back kickoffs also and was never the same.

Pastime Princess said...

Anyone else think that the giants are not sold on Jacobs beening their true number one back because they have not signed him to a long term deal? He is in his contract year and JR has not let the core players go to far down the road without a long term deal.

Craig said...

Its not like jacobs and ward are struggling. Jacobs is averaging 5.8 ypc and ward has 6.6.
This system is working, the running game is one of the best in the league and we are undefeated. Save bradshaw until we need to use him. Whose to say BJ and DW will stay healthy and why not keep AB fresh until late. Nothing quite like having a fresh rb for the playoffs.
Now i do agree Bradshaw is the best rb on the team, for every snap he doesnt take now thats one more towards the end of his career and he has the potential to be a franchise rb. Until we need him, lets keep him fresh.
as for returning kicks, Hixon has shown the ability to break one, and Ware looked pretty good, and Moss is just really really fast, dunno if he can return though. returning kicks is a weapon not just something where you put someone to not get hurt.

Pastime Princess said...

I agree and I hope that is what Gilbride is doing but except for the Seahawk and redskin games they have all been close and could have gone either way.

Andy F. said...

Hixon is better than Bradshaw on those kickoff returns.

Bradshaw is selling peanuts in Section 139 on those sweeps that Jacobs gets 45 yds.

Nature said...

my problem with #27 is simple, if there if no hole he does not have moves(shifty jukes, or spins) to create one...he just leans into the pile

Pastime Princess said...

I aggree 100%. Jacobs is a product of a good offensive line. He goes nowhere if it's not provided for him by the front 5. #44 can make something out of nothing and when there is something it's, see you in the endzone baby.

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