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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Seattle Preview

1) Perhaps the biggest thing in the Giants' favor is the fact that BOTH teams are coming off a bye.
2) With Seattle 1-2, they will be a little bit more ornery and cannot afford to lose the game. How much urgency do the Giants bring to this game to counter the urgency of a team that will be severely punished for losing? In the team's recent past, the Giants have NOT had urgency at home.
3) Bobby Engram and Deion Branch will be back for this game.
4) Plaxico Burress will not.
5) The Giants won't be able to hear the crowd noise from Seattle, because it will dissipate somewhere over Montana.

Trying to make predictions in these games is very easy: if the Giants show up and play 60 minutes (Rams) they will win comfortably, if they play footsie w/o urgency (Bengals, second half vs Skins) they will make the game close and/or lose.


Mitch said...

Last year the Packers acquired running back Ryan Grant from the New York Giants for an undisclosed future draft pick. What did that pick turn out to be anyway? Don't be too hasty with Ware. He looked very good in the preseason

Mitch said...

This is always the kind of game that makes me nervous. After a "bye" and this Sunday will be the first time this season that Hasselbeck will have both of his starting receivers - Bobby Engram and Deion Branch - on the field.
Two weeks ago the Giants allowed T.J. Houshmandzadeh to make 12 catches for 146 yards. And with Juluis Jones running the ball effectively for Seattle, I think we will not be in for an easy time.

bruno said...

The Giants might not have the the best starting team but they have the best team. Plex being out does not worry me as much as this being the week after a bye. Its almost as if the Giants play these games with a hangover. The Giants r a team that would do better if there was no such thing as a bye week. Lets hope no one gets hurt because of sloppy play.

Pastime Princess said...

I'm scared.

markfalconer said...

Dude...I read your blog every day. That prediction was SO mailed in.

The issue of the bye week is a bogus one. The number of players on this team who participated in that less than stellar record is exactly ONE (Toomer). On the other hand, there are THIRTY guys who have won 7 games in a row. By this impeccable logic, we should win handily...don't you think?

Either this is an entirely different team this year - confidence, consistent execution, learning from week to week - or it is going to be a very, very long season.

My prediction? Gilbride is going to stick it to Plaxico and throw the ball upfield alot. Bradshaw will carry and catch the ball more than 12 times. The defense will finally get a few turnovers and shorten the field.

Don't think 2nd half Skins...think first quarter Cleveland!

Pastime Princess said...

Andy is not the only one that feels this way. When is the last time the giants beat an opponent they were suppose to beat handily and don't say the rams because the giants where only up by one score in the fourth quarter. This is almost the same giants team from last year that couldn't get out of its own way when playing at home. This game scares me. If where a betting man I wouldn’t touch this game if I was using your money.

markfalconer said...

Thank you ladies and germs. I take checks...money orders...MasterCard and Visa.

Hey...9 minutes left. This is the best game I've seen the Gpeople play since the 41-0 NFC Championship against Minnesota. And this is a better team than that one. I think the announcers and everyone watching is saying: who ARE these guys? (in honor of Paul Newman).

Pastime Princess said...

Got to give you your props, you where right and i was wrong and I couldn't be happier about that.

markfalconer said...

Thanks princess. Props I will take!

I was wondering if anyone came back here to check previous posts out.

I was wrong about Bradshaw's touches - he had 11 (unless you count special teams!) And less than stellar on takeaways (which needs to be discussed).

Go giants!

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