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Sunday, October 26, 2008

4 possessions in the red zone and 3 FGs...why? The answer is because..

they have the wrong running back in the game when they get into the red zone. Why did the Giants convert last week on 4th and 1 vs SF in the red zone? They brought in Bradshaw. EITHER WARD OR BRADSHAW NEEDS TO BE IN ALL THE TIME WHEN IN THE RED ZONE. Jacobs plays into the strength of this PIT defense which is slower and more physical. Jacobs is not the threat to this team and Ward and Bradshaw would be killing this team. I cannot keep track of all of the things that Gilbride has done wrong, but that has to be at the top of the list. Mike Martz would have 24 points already. Gilbride is a MORON. MEATHEAD MEATHEAD MEATHEAD.

I just spoke with Wonder: "The Giants are thoroughly outplaying the Steelers and they should still win this game, despite all the blown opptys so far. Re your analysis of Gilbride et al, kudos, you have it right."



James Allen said...

Predicatable as the day is long. Who is the entire country didn't see Jacobs going up the middle on 4th down. I was screaming "where is Bradshaw?" After that, run, run, pass. Run, run, pass. Yawn.

Fortunately, their defense has been good so far. Although the NFL has to stop this nonsense of penalties protecting "defenseless receivers" who have the friggin' ball temporarily in their hand. Why don't we just go to two-hand touch and be done with it?

Nature said...

the fvcking refs need the wake the fuck up....GILBRIDE is the worst....we are not playing great but damn we gettin fuvcked on some of these calls, and non calls


read my post history i always say FUCK JACOBS i dont care if he runs for 30000000 yards he holds the office back big plays should be bigger play and he STINKS in short yardage...fuck GILBRIDE fuck em fuckem up his ass im so fucking mad

Nature said...

spags also has to DIAL up something else on 3rd downs quick slant is killing us

Nature said...

and yeah JAMES BUTLER has the range of a 1 band cell phone...

Nature said...

i hate to hog ta blog but when are we going to take a shot down field

Nature said...

i hate to hog ta blog but when are we going to take a shot down field

xtian said...

i guess ya figure they cant stop jacobs and the giants 3 times in a row from a yard out... but they did. give credit to pitt.

people keep screaming about jacobs being slower now or gilbride obvious playcall, but the ol did not move pitt out either. bet the ol would tell you they were the ones who blew it by not manning up. so what if the defense knows you are running 1 yard out, they still shouldn't be able to stop you.

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