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Sunday, October 12, 2008

TE Tony Gonzalez to the Giants?

Chiefs and Giants have been talking about trading a draft pick for Tony Gonzalez. Either way, we'll know by Tuesday.

I'd do it for a 4th rounder because he gives us the depth and insurance that we do not have at the position. Remember, our 4th rounder is like a 5th rounder from all others because our record at this point is likely to send the draft slot to near bottom.

Devil's advocate: The best reason not to overpay here is that Gilbride is a serial underutilizer of the TE position. If Boss gets hurt, just use more of Hixon/Smith/Bradshaw as receiving options.

Gonzalez is quality, he has 21 receptions this season, he is under contract, he still has 2+ seasons left in the tank. A late 4th rounder sounds reasonable to me, good insurance for Boss. All things being equal I would rather allocate resources at Left Tackle or Linebacker, but it is what it is. Reese's offer of a 6th rounder means he is probably only thinking 5th rounder, which the Chiefs would be smart not to take.


Pastime Princess said...
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Pastime Princess said...

I agree, 5th founder only. You don't pay top price for insurance. I also agree that Meathead will underutalize him like he did Shockey. There is only one football to go around and we already have more weapons sitting on the sidelines then most teams have as their starters. To play Devil's advocate also, you can never have to many good players, because in the NFL, you never know when the injury bug is going to bite.

Pastime Princess said...

The more i hear about a trade for Tony the more and more pissed I get. What the (insert explative here) did we trade Shockey for if we are going to bring in another TE. We don't really use the TE's we have already.

Andy F. said...

It was not Reese's idea or preference to trade Shockey. That was Shockey's agenda, not ours. So this interest in Gonzalez is consistent with that.

xtian said...

yep, trade for a 5th or 6th or maybe tyree if both their knees are good enough.

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