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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What does a 38 point victory mean?

Is the margin of victory by the Giants significant in and of itself?

Thomas George's more national perspective on the Giants' win.

We looked back at the two Giants championships in '86 and '90 to see if there were any parallels to what is going on here. The answer is pretty much no. In week 6 of '86 the Giants beat the Eagles 35-3, but beyond that, the point is that throttling the Rams and Seahawks does not mean dominance or a championship. Just remember back to the Patriots last year, how they kicked a** for umpteen weeks in a row until the Eagles and Ravens began to unravel the code begun by the Browns in how to beat them. The Giants had two cracks at them and made the last one count.

We have seen how you can dominate one team one week and the next week those 38 points mean zero to your score. When the Bengals were a play away from beating us in regulation, that Rams blowout didn't mean a thing.

Here is the good news- The Giants are getting experience at blowing out AND having to return to earth next week to play another opponent. In this regard, it is helpful. The professionalism, experience and confidence of this team is something special. They can make it happen because they have totally bought into Coughlin's need to have this team improve every week. This point has been made before, no need to belabor it.

So now the Giants take to the road. Good. Nothing like 'road cooking' for this team to get back to its roots of success, the focus and discipline of playing 60 minutes of road football. That is where it began. This team's self-respect and respect for the opposition implies as few letdowns as possible. Considering that the team is only 1 game ahead of two divisional rivals, one would think that they have no luxury for trying to mail it in ANYWHERE.

1 comment:

Craig said...

I agree, beating the crap out of the seahawks means nothing.

I have another point to make. Here you and everyone else is yelling at the fact that the giants aren't playing bradshaw more. Its not like jacobs and ward are struggling. Jacobs is averaging 5.8 ypc and ward has 6.6.
This system is working, the running game is one of the best in the league and we are undefeated. Save bradshaw until we need to use him. Whose to say BJ and DW will stay healthy and why not keep AB fresh until late. Nothing quite like having a fresh rb for the playoffs.
Now i do agree Bradshaw is the best rb on the team, for every snap he doesnt take now thats one more towards the end of his career and he has the potential to be a franchise rb. Until we need him, lets keep him fresh.

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