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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bears Saints

As for Bear-Saints tonight, the Saints are the ultimate home/away animal...great at home in the dome, and inept on the road....add in the freezing Chicago weather, and "da" bears should win easily...As great a coach as Payton has been in the past, we should thank our lucky stars for an absolutely TERRIBLE coaching job this year to maximize the draft choices !! GO BEARS !!


Justin said...

Yeah, but we want the Saints to have something to play for in their last game of the season, at home against Carolina. NFC South teams are already ridiculous at home against each other -- I think they may even be undefeated -- but the Saints need every game to get into the playoffs. They lose tonight, and they'll have no incentive against Carolina.

Bass said...

It's almost like a question of: Do you want your advantage this year (with the Saints winning and having something to play for against the Panthers during the last week of the regular season) or next year (with the Saints losing and the Giants getting a better draft pick)?

Not to sound heretical, but I myselfdon't think a #2 seed in the playoffs would be the end of the world. The weather might be better for Eli and the team. Also, they might be angrier and play tougher In addition, we saw what happened a few years ago when the Panthers came into town for the playoffs.

Mitch said...

This was on the Giants website:

Eli Manning finished as the third-highest vote-getter among all NFL players in fan balloting for the 2009 NFL Pro Bowl. Manning received 821,852 votes, trailing only quarterbacks Drew Brees of New Orleans (951,246) and Brett Favre of the Jets (880,833).

Four Giants finished with the most votes at their positions among NFC players: Defensive end Justin Tuck (422,061 votes), center Shaun O’Hara (364,088), guard Chris Snee (301,417) and punter Jeff Feagles (231,555). Four Giants finished second at their positions: Tackle David Diehl (209,447), fullback Madison Hedgecock (229,081), kicker John Carney (128,929) and special teamer Chase Blackburn (133,623). Kevin Boss was third among tight ends with 280,900 votes, Antonio Pierce was third at inside linebackers with 207,969, Brandon Jacobs was fourth among running backs with 406,567, James Butler was fourth at strong safety (105,307) and Michael Johnson fourth at free safety (93,900) and Fred Robbins was fifth among defensive tackles with 177,939 votes.

Players and coaches are voting this week. The Pro Bowl teams will be announced on Tuesday.

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