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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Jets head coaching vacancy

Yes, this is a New York Giants Blog, but it is not every day that your co-tenant is out there looking for a new coach. And it is certainly not every day that Spags gets this much attention nationally. There has been a great deal of news on Brett Favre, not the least of which is that he has a torn biceps tendon that has likely been hurting his throws near season's end.

Separately, linked is a piece on the Mangini firing that I could not have said any better. Favre still has a shot with the Jets in 2009 considering the injury story, and how that was probably mismanaged too.

Wonder's head coach list for the Jets, in order of preference:

1) Bill Cowher. Cowher coaches a 3-4, which is the Jets' defense. And if there is one guy who knows that defense and can save Gholston, it is him. Cowher and the Jets are reportedly going to meet.

2) Steve Spagnuolo. We all know the story here. And the Jets have asked to interview Spags during the bye week.

3) Jim Schwartz. Defensive Coordinator for the Titans. Non-media town for 8 yrs as DC.

4) Steve Mariucci. Would bring the West Coast offense to the Jets, some of which is already there. Would only make sense if Favre is not severely injured (which was confirmed with the mild tear in the tendon) AND if they could groom Brett Ratliff. Wonder is HUGE on Ratliff, fyi, the next long term Jet QB, and a good one.

5) Josh McDaniels. Offensive Coordinator of Patriots. A political hot potato, given Mangini and Belichick and Parcells all coming from NE, so it is doubtful, but would work if they didn't concern themselves about that issue.

addendum: this was done Monday afternoon with links afterwards, Wonder likes Shanahan on this list also.


Motown Blue said...

We are all hoping that it is shaping up as: Mangini and Pioli to Cleveland, Shanahan to Jets, Cowher to Denver....which leaves Detroit.

Denver would be more of what Cowher is looking for in terms of more control over player personnel decisions.

Too much of a coincidence that Mangini is quickly being interviewed when they are putting the full court press on Pioli:


That leaves 3 openings and I think Shanahan would opt for the lesser evil...Jets. No way in hell he goes to Oakland based on his relationship with Davis in the past etc.

It appears that Billick may be second guessing per rumors on local Detroit radio. But the possibility is still alive based on keeping 2 former Raven assistants:


All I hope is that Spags gets a) talked out of joining the worst sports organization ever or b) decides to wait and get a better opportunity in the future (such as taking over for T when he retires.....wishful thinking on my part).

Mitch said...

We all want Spags to stay...but it is probably a moot point. Dallas made Jason Garrett a head coach in waiting and look how that has turned out. They are blaming him for a lot their failures this past season.

btw, in my opinion the best NFL job is in Detroit. You will get as much time as you need to turn it around, you have high draft picks and a town that will embrace any coach who shows any improvement...and lets face it there is only one way to go...and that is up.

Andy F. said...

Cowher out of running for Jets Job

I am not going to try to figure out where Spags ends up, because even he will admit he is not going to spend a lot of time figuring it out as long as the Giants are alive in the playoffs. We just need to accept the fact that chances are small that he is still around for 2009. 2008 was a gift, and that is why you need to win the Super Bowl this moment, you never know how quickly things can change. I think we all believe that Reese is going to keep us strong and in the hunt, but look at what happened to (as an example) the Ravens and Ozzie Newsome. Newsome could do no wrong for a while, and then the ship ran adrift.

Motown Blue said...

Mitch, I give the Detroit fans all the credit in the world as true sports fans from the Wings, Tigers, Pistons to the woeful Lions. But there track record on draft picks is horrendous as most aren't even in the league now...something like 39% since Millen took over. They hire people under him as GMs and CEOs which is spitting in the fans face. Which makes you and me blessed to be NY Giant fans!

Andy, I like to be delusional and am hoping someway somehow we can retain Spags. The guy has all the intangibles for head c. He is a strategic thinker, logical, players coach but demanding in fundamentals and tireless worker. Reminds me of a former Giants prodigy but lacked the players coach aspect.

Nature said...

i think it is funny how Manginni lost his job, but Brett "throw the ball to the other team" FAVRE ,might be coming back....Brett Farve stinks. He basically lost the MIAMI game by himself. He stunk in the NFC champ game. RW MAC's fumble of a interception made him look a little better that day. He stunk the year before last and the year before that. He had 2 good year (last year) in his last 5 and im stuck with the BRETT FARVE bullbrown AGAIN!!! I cant believe any JETS fan would want him back. By them still wanting him shows me how DESPERATE they are. Listen to me clearly JETS fans BRETT FARVE WILL BE 40!!! How in your right mind can you begin to think it will get better? i dont wanna hear that crap about full training camp, CHAD P didnt have one either....

What kind of a football world are we living in when 22 TD's and 22 picks get you a STARTING pro bowl spot LOL what a joke!!!

NFL and FANS it is time you guys let go of Brett Farve's 40 year old Balzac, in another 2-3 months they will be completely dragging on the floor....and not because of the huggers, because he is an OLD GOAT

that is all.....

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