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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


1) From NFL.com: Police also want to talk to Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw, who they now believe was at the club as well.... Bradshaw has been contacted by New York City police and will make himself available for an interview, according to his attorney, Charles A. Stacy, of Bluefield, Va.

"Mr. Bradshaw has been advised he is not suspected of any wrongdoing and is to be interviewed as part of the ongoing investigation of the incident involving Mr. Burress," Stacy said in a statement sent to The Associated Press.

2) Separately, those diuretic suspensions came down.. as expected the Vikings are hurt by it and we will face them W17 w/o Pat and Kevin Williams.


Craig said...

I love Hixon, but im not sure he can be the dominate player Burress is. This incredible depth at WR is more important than ever now. Hope we can see Moss and Manningham get in the game more. Maybe Mario can be a number 1 guy. I dont really see the other guys as dominate go to guy. Smith is a great slot receiver, Hixon maybe able to be a number 1 guy but he only played against Seattle, Washington, and Arizona as a starter, Moss is just a speedster, and Toomer is not a number 1 guy anymore.

For now a run first team with lots of good options at WR and TE should get the job done, but if a team can shut down the pass(green bay) I will be a little nervous. We cant rush for 200 yards every game. I'm still going into every game expecting to win somehow, but Burress' absence will hurt us. Good thing Eli is spreading the ball around, makes it less damaging loss.

Craig said...

I meant down the road for the WR's, not this year as a Number 1 receiver.

Pastime Princess said...

Agree 100%

Nature said...

green bay shutdown the pass? lol last year...they stink now

Mitch said...

This is the link to show you what Plax has done to other people and why he is toast!


Andy F. said...

Craig, no one here questions that Hixon (or almost all NFL WRs) does not possess the wide-ranging skills of a Burress. Burress is a loss. BUT, we also know that Hixon has made GREAT strides this year (go look at the Cleveland preseason game, comments). He can regularly beat single coverage against most corners. That is all Eli needs. Once he gets doubled or the other team holds that safety back for over the top Tampa Bay Cover 2, then you can go back to running the ball, just like this team has done with Burress in there. And that brings me to the last point....

Kevin Boss. Gilbride is giving him a bigger role. He caught 3 important passes Sunday, and would have had more, as he dropped one or two too. So he is getting more in the mix now, that is such an improvement from the first part of the season (and preseason and late last year) when the TE was almost neglected. BOSS IS SIMPLY GOING TO HAVE TO GET MORE OF THE RECEIVING LOAD in response to the loss of Burress, and this is a VERY GOOD THING. When you neglect that TE, your offense does not pressure the defense. And to the contrary, using that TE exposes a defense in ways we simply cannot explain here (w/o this gtg way too long). Gilbride thankfully is going in the right direction. He must continue to make sure TE gets a minimum of ~5 attempts per game, as that will be enuf to punish those cheating LBers and Safeties.

Andy F. said...

Mitch- thanks for the link, nasty, taking so many people down with him, I am going through the 5 stages of grief at this loss, and one of them is anger. I can speak for myself, this is a learning experience, I will never do this to a friend or family member, and if they do that to me they are no friend. What a mess. This is part of the reason why the Giants cannot comment, they are in knee deep in this BS.

xtian said...

i was very sadden at dumb thing burress did by carrying an unlicensed gun and shooting himself. [i think the law is a bit harsh--mandatory 3 yr sentence regardless of intent or past history. if a guy has a long record, no prob, but not for a first time offender who is just carrying, ridiculous. and bloomburg should shut his big mouth and let the legal system take care of it.]

burress will be missed because he is a talent, but not only his size in the green zone, but on the perimeter with his blocking. the other guys can go and catch the ball and run with no problem, but blocking? thank goodness boss' blocking has caught up. darcy johnson also has improved. let's face it, the gmen are not as good on the field w/o burress, but they are better in the clubhouse. sometimes that can make up.

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