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Friday, December 12, 2008


A little while back we did a post on Corey Webster, bringing attention to the quiet but great job he is doing at cornerback. Pastime and Mitch noted he becomes a free agent soon... The message here is simple: re-sign him NOW before he enters free agency this coming March. The Giants cannot afford to lose this player. I did not like losing guys like Wilson last season because they were part of the answer, not questions. At a certain price, all players ultimately become questions, and the Giants were totally outbid. But the same thing will happen again if Webster goes to the free market. There are other teams out there that will see a #1 CB who has 4 years experience, is 26 (will be 27 the day after free agency starts) and is in the sweet spot of his career. He knows (just as Wilson did) that you only get one good crack at that monster signing bonus and new contract, and this it. Only if you are a Pro Bowler do you get 2+ shots at that nice new fat contract. And speaking of Pro Bowl, what happens if Webster gets voted in this Tuesday? He is playing for the 11-2 Giants, he is playing the second best on defense next to Tuck, so why shouldn't he get the attention and possible selection? If he does, his price is only going to go up. If I am Webster's agent, I am telling him to WAIT until March. If the Giants wait until March they will find themselves $2M+ per year below the market, and Webster will probably choose the market. You only get one crack at the free agency market like this; if the Giants make this mistake, the player should leave and take the money elsewhere. Buy low and sell high.. this is the top of the market for a healthy 27 year old who can cover stars in the NFL. That will be a sad day..If I am Jerry Reese, I want him signed NOW to avoid that scenario.

Summary: We have two pathways, the Tuck blueprint and the Wilson blueprint. Sign Webster now because if he enters free agency it will likely be too late. Reese is smart enough to sign him. Is Webster's agent as smart as Wilson's? For our sake, I hope not.


Mitch said...

Andy, this was in the paper this morning...It might now just become a little harder to sign him:


Mitch said...

Try this link...the other got cut off:


Andy F. said...

I write these things sometimes days in advance and try to spread them out. This one was done 3 days ago, and I had the Phil Simms one too, decided to post Webster this morning. Thanks.

The article talks about how Lewis berated him. All true. Lewis would tell him he was not doing good, then he would escalate and tell him he WAS no good. Try telling that to YOUR kids.. Spags completely reversed that, all about confidence. He IS good, he KNOWS it, he has coaches that REMIND him of that. Is it really a surprise that he came on and got his act together in Spags' first year?! Not when you put that part of the puzzle together.

Andy F. said...

Anyone care to assign the odds of Webster going to the probowl? I put it at ~75%. Which is why his price goes up on Tuesday. And what is in the label anyway? he is still the same good player who will quietly limit one of the best receivers in the game on Sunday. No he won't shut TO out, but he'll limit him. I really don't where this team would be without him.

Motown Blue said...

Let us be stubborn on this topic...Jacobs did not practice all week and 99.9% likely he will not play. Please, please Gilbride can we see Bradshaw touch the ball at least 25 times which includes recvng and carries??

Now that the Cowgirls have finally begun cracking as a unit per ESPN etc. (I would attach link but I am pretty sure most of you have a link to ESPN)..Soap opera continues with the TO, Romo and Witten love triangle. Let's use Bradshaw to humiliate and bury them once and for all!!!!!

They need to jump on them early and show no mercy....the 'girls will start scratching and pulling each others hair. Throw the kitchen sink at Tony Romeo and hit the brown'ing out of ME. O (TO).

God I hate Dallas!

Mitch said...

LT ( The real LT ) was a guest on Mike Francesa this afternoon for 3 hours. I was in the car for most of it and it was so great to listen to him talk about his time on the field. He sounded great and healthy and seems very happy in his life. I'm sure WFAN will have it up on their website soon.

Nature said...

maybe i missed it but i dont remember us missing GIBRIL...Phillips will be better player and Johnson is not that less of a talent than Wilson...I agree we should of signed Webster after the mid-point...i dont know if i agree with the PRO-BOWL... he is worthy but i dont think he will make it....Pro Bowl voting is a joke

Tuck,Webster,Coefield and robbins should get consideration...the whole BLock and Blue should get consideration Eli,Jacobs,HedgeDrops, round out the guys who have a shot at it

and LT is the best on Howard Stern hands down

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