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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Is it Robbins or something more?

Paul Schwartz points out that the Giants got 30 sacks in the first 8 games, and have gotten 7 sacks in the last 5 games. Is it because Robbins is not healthy and we miss that 4 man push w/o him? Is it a trend? Do other teams have a 'tell' on our blitz locations? Is it as simple as just getting Robbins healthy and everything else will be fine? While I have been in the latter camp, I am not completely convinced that there is not something else. Is Tuck playing with a nagging condition? His play is still pro bowl caliber but even our defensive star is seeing enough chips and doubles to make his pass rush less consistent.


Mike Kavis said...

Maybe it is the schedule. Remember we played the NFC West and the bottom of the AFC North the first half of the year and all the best teams in football the second half of the year.

Motown Blue said...

Perhaps a big correlation resides in depth. Last year we had 2 other pro bowl DEs, who could also play the run pretty well as any DEs in the league. Only so much Tuck can do when chipped, held and double teamed...guys gotta wear down as he's not superman. Kiwi will be good but still learning both mentally and physically.

I think a big part is they are wearing down a little now and need a contribution from down the depth chart. Bright side is the young 2ndary players are getting very good experience right now that will pay off in the playoffs.

xtian said...

obviously our depth is not as good as last year. getting robbins with two good hands will help. remember osi or tuck didnt bloom until his 3rd year, next year will be kiwi's 3rd plus they will get osi back.

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