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Friday, December 5, 2008

Simms and Wonder comment on the NFL


Simms the master won this past week again, what is that, 6 straight weeks over Collinsworth and Sapp?!

1) NYG vs PHL. "The Giants are the best team in football, and they are the deepest. They can overcome the loss of Plaxico Burress. They'll win the game."

2) TB-CAR. TB will win, They are not good on the road but Carolina is not a good passing team, TB's defense good enough to get this win.

3) DAL-PIT. Pittsburgh will win with defense.

4) ATL-Saints. Simms takes Atlanta.

5) WASH-BAL. Simms takes Baltimore.


If the Burress thing had dragged on and on, it would not have been a good thing, but this ends the entire year's soap opera with him, so it will be a net good thing for the Giants. With him out of the picture, the Giants will go back to doing what they do, namely winning. It makes life a little simpler for the Giants with the drama over. Pierce should end up being protected by Maras, who are close to Goodell, and Burress will be NFL fodder. The two teams which they will have any trouble with are Carolina and Dallas, and they may play both in the playoffs (Dallas after they beat a Minnesota or Arizona, and Carolina if/when they get a bye and play the gmen in the Conference Championship).

The Wonder Plan: Export Pacman Jones, Plaxico Burress and Michael Vick to London, the 33rd expansion team. Give them a 56 man roster, and those 3 players can only play in London, banned from the States. (Okay, it's the internet, that was a joke.)


Mitch said...

This is one columnist's opinion on Eli Manning. You might be surprised at this:


Daniel said...

Because Pierce has agreed to testify in front of the grand jury about Plaxico Burress, he has been granted what is called, "Transactional Immunity." ANY crime he may or may not have committed in connection with Plaxico's crime can NOT be prosecuted based on his testimony. And since nobody else has come forward to testify about Pierce's alleged involvement, he will NOT be prosecuted for anything he did involving this Plaxico situation.

Whether or not facts will leak from the grand jury, only time will tell. And only time will tell if Roger Goodell will punish Pierce for anything he may or may not have done. I don't imagine, though, that Goodell will have much of a case against Pierce, so it looks like he'll be fine.

dberenson said...

I hope what Daniel says is true. I think the only effects of this episode on the Giants season would come on the defensive side: If Pierce can keep his head in the game, they're a much stronger team. The offense can live without Plax, as they've already demonstrated.

dberenson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
xtian said...

the giants have now gotten rid of all their distractions and players who were not team first, very reminiscent of the ne super bowl winners. now on to football!!! :)

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