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Monday, December 1, 2008

It's the time of the season

We enter December, and that can only mean one thing for Giants players. Less pads in practice. Fassel did it with much success. Fresh legs in games.

Coughlin did it when he was forced to listen to his players in the 2007 season on the orders of John Mara. He created the "Leadership Council," a group of ~ten veterans who were able to communicate player needs and problems. For the first time, Coughlin genuinely listened, and the result was a cohesiveness from which the team was able to mount a Super Bowl run. You could see the players really playing for each other AND playing for the coaching staff. One of those issues the players brought to Coughlin was an issue which came on deaf ears (aired to no avail by Barber) back in 2004-2006> going easier on the team in practice in the latter part of the year so that they could have energy on Sunday. Coughlin listened. Do you think that the Giants became the road warriors because they were eating their wheaties? They became road warriors because, as tough as it was to win on the road with the extra fatigue, they were not killed during the week with pads.

The players responded with more respect for Coughlin. A trust was forged out of this and other actions on the coach's behalf. The players (that I am aware of) who confirmed this were Strahan and Burress. How ironic that it is Burress who we get to listen to ~ 11 months ago, in a completely different place. Very interesting to hear him again, in light of all of his troubles.


Mitch said...

The Giants have never been 11-1 in the 83 years of existence which is amazing, and Andy keeps saying this is not your "fathers' Giants team" and with all that pride we obviously feel, I hate that Plax will dominate the news. I hope that the Commissioner suspends him for the remainder of the season today....

Note to Plaxico: If you felt the need to carry a gun into NYC because you were wearing $50,000 worth of jewelery and carried a large wad of cash....THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE HIRED A BODYGUARD!

Andy F. said...

Celebrities get "paid" for being celebrities. Pay a bodyguard with a small fraction of the income you are getting. The money for a bodyguard is not a hurdle, because we do not see the tens upon tens of thousands of fines routinely levied against him amounting to much of an issue. I only know one person who has a bodyguard, and that bodyguard is a former police officer who has years of training in handling a gun. The problem for all of us is that we are thinking logically. Me? Why would I even go anywhere where I NEED to have a gun? Point me in the opposite direction, thank you.

Pastime Princess said...

Screw the Bodyguard; he needs to see a shrink.

Eli has been just great for a few months now. I can't remember the last time he missed an open receiver like he used to. I believe after the Oline, he is the #1 reason they are playing so well. I have always felt he was the weak link that kept this team from being very good. The old Eli is dead, long live the New Eli.

Motown Blue said...

I am sure most of you have read the Myers article in the NY Daily News about the comparison of the current team to the 90s Bengals and the Medelin Cartel Cowboys of the 80s. I wish not to provide a link for this should be compiled in the trash. Myers is an idiot.

As for the make up of this team, I think they tuned out Plaxico a month ago. They all hinted that they were disappointed with his antics and needed to grow up. The chemistry of this team will not be affected in anyway, shape, or form.
Although, in terms of match ups for opposings Ds I do wonder if it will affect their running game. It appears that without him teams stack 8-9 in boxes as they usually need to double team or have a safety helping out over the top.

This team is so fundamentally great in all facets of the game with one exception, kickoff coverage. They all know their assigments and execute the little things well. A testament to the chemistry and coaching staff from top to bottom.

J.blaze said...

If you are tuned into the "hood", most likely, Plaxico wanted to "make it rain" in the Latin Quarter. That is, disperse dollar bills in the air to mimic a rain simulation.

However, while doing the rain dance with his wine cup, his own lighting prevented him from doing so.

Go Hixon!

J.blaze said...

Tiki said Steve Smith got robbed in front of his house and alludes that Plaxico might had the state of mind of being a target.

still, should have hired a body guard

xtian said...

yes, plax should hire a body guard or two if he feels the need to carry a gun. also don't go to places that wand you down or where trouble routinely is. don't carry wands of cash [anyone heard of a credit card] or mega showoffy jewelery either. if he wanted to make it rain, then have it rain immediately upon entering and announce that's all the cash he has.

as far as the giants: roll on!

Cody said...


I thought this is what posse members were for?

When Michael Vick got caught at the airport with weed, there was some comedy routine about the "posse" and how one guy in your posse had the sole job of carrying the weed; the routine went something like, "who is that guy?" "Oh, he's the guy that carries my weed" - uhh, couldn't Plax have followed this same logic and had a member of his posse (or [GASP] a bodyguard!?) to do this for him? So damn ridiculous. We'll never see #17 in Big Blue again.

Crazed Giant fan said...

Plax may end up doing time in the slammer. What a shame that he is going to waste all that talent. But he is a distraction to the team and he is involving others. Ergo, he must go. Maybe he will play for the Cowboys. Or the Eagles. Good riddance. This team does need to improve on kickoff coverage. It is a glaring weakness. I think Coughlin should go with two kickers from this point forward. Carney for FG's and Tynes for KO.

Pastime Princess said...

Agree 1000% Mayers is an Idiot. That was one of the stupidest articles I have ever read.

I like Plax(as a person who helps us win) and I hope he stays a Giant. His mistake was one of stupidity, not malice. He makes us better. Obviously his behavior doesn't have a negative effect on the psyche of the team. Look what they did to the Redskins. The only thing you can pin on him as far as hurting the team is if Antonio gets into trouble for trying to help him. Even if Pierce gets into trouble it's not like Plax will take anyone else down with him in the future. It’s over and done with. What are the odds of him shooting himself again and asking another teammate to help cover it up. I don't see any downside to him playing for us.

Mitch said...

These statements by Mayor Bloomberg is an obvious message to the D.A. that Plax will be made an example of. He is not going to skate through this because he is a celeb. He is in big trouble. he will not be able to plea bargain this down...he will be doing time.

This was his statement to the press:

Now the mayor has weighed in on the weapons charges against Plaxico Burress, saying the Giants receiver should face a minimum of a 3 1/2-year prison sentence if convicted of having a gun illegally at a New York club over the weekend.

Bloomberg told the New York Post that anything short of the 3 1/2-year minimum for felony gun possession would be "a sham, a mockery of the law."

"Our children are getting killed with guns in the street," Bloomberg told the newspaper. "Our police are getting killed . . . That's why the state legislature passed the automatic sentence if you get caught with an illegal gun.

"I think it would be an outrage if we didn't prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, particularly people who live in the public domain . . . If we didn't prosecute to the fullest extent, then I don't know who on earth you would."

Bloomberg also criticized the Giants for not volunteering information to NY police about Burress accidentally shooting himself, and said he saw little wiggle room in allegations against Burress.

"It's pretty hard to argue the guy didn't have a gun (and) that it wasn't loaded," Bloomberg said. "You've got bullet holes in and out to show it."

Andy F. said...

Holy Brown, I just got off work, and reading this Bloomberg stuff is nasty, 3.5 yrs, pretty serious, I thought that he would plea it and get a suspended sentence for it being his first crime. But if they want to make it a Martha Stewart example and hold him to it, he is not only finished with the gmen, he is finished with the nfl too. He is 31 years old. 3.5 yrs?! Finito if Bloomberg puts the screws into the DA.

Nature said...

read my writing...


$$$ talks, DAVE BROWN walks!!!

he will get some form of probation

He didnt do anything malicious and from what i hear no priors

Mitch said...

You are missing the point Nature...

You said he didn't do anything malicious...Well, he's a moron for carrying an unlicensed gun into a crowded bar, endangering himself and others. ( I'd say that is malicious )

The point is it is illegal to carry an unlicensed firearm in NY. and the punishment is 3 1/2 yrs madatory jail time. Period. End. Finito!

You said he will not do time...If you read between the lines, The mayor ( who is the DA's boss ) said, "I think it would be an outrage if we didn't prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, particularly people who live in the public domain . . . If we didn't prosecute to the fullest extent, then I don't know who on earth you would."

That is telling his employee (DA) to make an example of Plax!

Mayor Bloomberg changed this law 2 years ago and he will not waver. That is his baby, believe me, Plax WILL do time...

Pastime Princess said...

Plax is done. Lets just hope this thing doesn't bring down Pierce also.

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