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Friday, December 26, 2008

Brandon Jacobs Day

Some very good links to check out, highly recommended Brandon Jacobs-NY Giants history.

The Journey of Brandon Jacobs. Interesting how some of the pieces of the puzzle come together.. all of a sudden a lot of the trash-talking in between plays seemed to disappear in the middle of the season, and now we know why. And now, if you notice, he is actually patting guys on the helmet after the play is over. This guy is easy to root for.

Marvelous, one of the original email group predecessors of the Ultimatenyg New York Giants Blog, was quick to point out what always struck him about getting Jacobs in 2005. "I have NEVER forgotten the words of our GM when asked how he felt his draft selections went... the KEY to this draft was getting Jacobs down there."

"The player I got the most excited over in two days was Brandon Jacobs,” Accorsi said. “The biggest worry that I had is that any time you have a chance to sleep on it and start looking at the board, size and speed usually catches people’s eyes. I was worried sick he was going to get picked.”

Accorsi was referring the resumption of the Draft on Day 2, when everyone could reexamine who was left on the board. Accorsi was nervous to the point of paranoia about someone drafting his nugget before him.

And a quick FYI to the Broncos.. Brandon Jacobs remembers you passing him in the 3rd Round for Maurice Clarett, so you better hope that he is not with the Giants next year because the Giants face you in 2009 and Jacobs has not forgotten.


Brian said...

The 2005 draft could go down as the best draft in Giants History. If they don't get hurt, all 3 of them are potential hall of fame players. The only draft in history to produce more than 2 was the 1974 Steelers (Swan, Lambert, Stallworth, Webster), that's the class the 2005 Giants draft is in.

Mitch said...
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Mitch said...

Can Brandon Jacobs, Corey Webster & Justin Tuck play a few years & make some All-Pro teams before we put them in Canton? It is ludicrous to even mention that yet.

Motown Blue said...

Ironic that we have Jacobs day when in recent past we were down playing his significance mainly because he is taking plays away from Bradshaw.

Nice short piece on Terrell Thomas in the post: http://www.nypost.com/seven/12262008/sports/giants/thomas_tries_to_corner_market_on_big_pla_145908.htm

I think an x factor for this year's run is again the rookie class. Last year it was primarily the offensive contribution of the rookies. Bradshaw in the Buffalo game, Tampa, Green Bay with the TD taken away with the lame holding call on Snee and some nice runs in the Super Bowl. Smith and Boss stepped it up once Shockey went down. Smith was so key in the playoffs in moving the chains and the big boost Boss made with his 45 yarder in the Super Bowl. Thi year it may be the Ds rookies stepping it up with Thomas, Phillips and perhaps Kehl in LB pass coverage???? Phillips has shown his worth with tackling and can't forget the play against AZ when he knocked a TD catch out of Bolden/Fitzg? hands. Thomas as the article points out is getting better and better each game.

tahawus said...

As a charter member of the Bradshawholics I will be crushed if we lose Jacobs. That NYT article was great.

Andy F. said...

I still want Bradshaw getting A LOT of touches. He is a gamebreaker. But right now you have to recognize a few things: other teams are afraid of #27 and #27 is one of the leaders of the Giants now. The latter has happened gradually over the course of this season, and to not acknowledge it is a mistake. So #44 still needs to get the ball more (3rd down scatback) but #27 is the alpha male.

Bob said...

Glad to see you've changed your opinion of Jacobs. Seems like a few weeks ago, you were happy to see him depart in free agency.

Don't want to give the wrong impression, I enjoy your blog, and feel you're right on about 80% of the time.

Andy F. said...

I think this blog is right 100% of the time... well obvly we all say what we believe and think that what we are saying is always correct. I think the difference with this blog is that I (and for the most part all of the people who participate in the dialogue) appreciate each others' opinions. And since we LISTEN, it makes it a better forum than other places, where they essentially are only interested in what they have to say (because there is NO WAY they can be wrong). In the case of me changing my mind on #27, it was a combination of factors, not the least of which was the NY Times article in understanding why and how he changed some of his ways, added to the fact that he was now the undisputed center of the pregame huddle where teammates were looking to HIM for a vocal source of emotion and leadership. This was not the case at the beginning of the season. The NFL stands for Not For Long, so you have to be willing to pay attention, because you blink and the story is no longer the same anymore.

Mitch said...

I still think the Giants will be faced with a very difficult decision regarding Brandon Jacobs at the end of the year. Although he is the centerpiece of the O he has the type of running style that will not last long in the NFL. He likes to still dish out punishment to opposing Defenses ( that is what makes him successful ) but that will eventually catch up to him. I know it is not financially sound to pay both Jacobs & Ward...so the offer will most likely go to Brandon with Bradshaw as his backup next season. The Giants just have to be prudent with the length of the contract commensurate with dollars.

Andy F. said...

I think I mentioned this on another comments page, sorry for repeating: Charlie Casserly (former GM of Texans, analyst for CBS) suggests Giants may use franchise tag for Jacobs, pay him ~6.5M, getting him 1 more year, then being able to determine what to do in the 2010 uncapped year. Not such an implausible scenario IF they can't agree on a price to re-sign him. (A polite way of saying you are asking too much for a RB that will get injured.)

Mitch said...

I must have missed that, but that is exactly what the Giants should do. It probably will not make Jacobs entirely happy. We all know that Reese is very shrewd. I do hope the Giants consider that move. That is a terrific way to go.

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