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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


1) We heard from players and coaches in the aftermath of the game with the skins that it wasn't just routinely 8 men in the box. There were times it was 9, even 10 men in the box.

2) Details of how Burress tried to cover up the incident. Here is the problem- you make one mistake by carrying an unlicensed gun. Since there is no harm intended, your first mistake, no criminal record, you can TRY to look past that. But when you start trying to cover up, bribing hospital workers, having friends take away evidence, it is the cover up. Ask Martha Stewart how much time she would have served if she came clean. ZERO. She would never have been charged with anything. DA's hate obstruction of justice, they don't like the cover up one bit.

3) Giants weighing options. Oh, joy.

4) A local group of my alma mater has scheduled their holiday party at 1PM-5PM on Sunday December 7th. Aren't any of them Giants fans?

5) Wonder asks aloud, how can it be that Revis and Rhodes are that gifted and yet the defense can be so woeful vs the Broncos? Answer- poor defensive schemes. Message-we take for granted the answers Spags has every weekend.

6) Speaking about taking things for granted, ever notice how the defense does not miss tackles?! Phillips, for one, is the hoover vacuum cleaner. Limiting those yards after catch is why our defense keeps us in games, bending but not breaking. One of the best parts of that 5 set DVD of the 2007 season was hearing Strahan's voiceover of the Super Bowl (of which, even my WIFE enjoyed!). One of the most revealing remarks he made was how the coaches preached (in preparation for the game) how important it was to do the ORDINARY. How making the tackle was so ordinary yet so important. This 2008 team is paying attention to detail and doing the ordinary. Not a complete surprise, but if you do the ordinary well for an entire season you end up with something extraordinary.

7) Did you see the hit put on Wes Welker by former NY Giant Ryan Clark in Sunday's game between the Steelers and Patriots? Those of you reading this blog know we do not cheer, highlight or advocate the violent side of this game... with that qualifying remark stated, I confess to thoroughly enjoying seeing Welker get popped. Like they state in the article, "it wasn't dirty, it was football." Going over the middle subjects you to that risk. It still frustrates me to no end to watch that little piece of brown avoid and maneuver through there without any consequences. All I can say is the truth, that I got a tremendous amount of satisfaction from seeing someone finally nail that guy.

8) Under separate heading, we applaud the SAME article for trying to beat back this trend in pussifying the NFL. From now on, when anything like this happens where a guy gets a penalty and/or gets fined for NORMAL FOOTBALL, we are simply going to refer to it as the PFL. Nothing more needs to be said. Write a letter to:

Commissioner Roger Goodell
National Football League
280 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017

9) The Giants are -8.5 vs the Eagles. What is so impressive (or weak, depending on your perspective) about the handicapping is that you have to remember it was only ~3 weeks ago the Giants were +3 at the Linc. So what does that say? Under normal circumstances, the Gmen would be -3, since a FG is the difference between a neutral field and home (6 pts difference between home and away). For the line to move another 5.5 points is staggering. Considering how the Eagles manhandled the Cardinals, my interpretation is that it says more about the Giants getting their business done than anything else. They are 10-2 versus the spread this season.

10) When the defense shows 8 men in the box, I would throw it 100% of the time. If they have 6 men in the box, I would run it 100% of the time. Obviously those numbers are slight hyperbole. But you get the idea. You must punish these teams if they want to take away the run. Brown them where they breathe. 9 men, 10 men in the box? They are overcompensating for our rushing attack in such a bad way. Gilbride is not all the way there yet, but he sure has come a long way from the Bengal game. He had Manning passing plenty, and with a lot of success, and then those dumpoff slip screens right behind the box, pretty. To illustrate how far Gilbride has come this season, there is NO WAY he calls the slant to Hixon (on 1st and 10 from the 3 after the INT by Ross) in the Bengal game, and probably not vs the Steelers either. A run on that play gets two yards MAX, they were loaded in there like sardines. Absolutely fantastic call. Worth the price of admission.

11) Pierce does not see himself getting arrested.

12) Some of the other players in the Giants locker room after the game: "Let's go to Applebee's."


J.blaze said...

Applebees is an awesome place to celebrate!

"Burress was on the ground, with his legs shaking, when a bloody gun — a .40-caliber Glock pistol — fell out of his pant leg and onto the floor, the onlooker said. Investigators believe that Pierce was standing next to Burress when the gun went off. The bullet, which broke through the skin of Burress’s right thigh and pierced muscle tissue, traveled through the leg before lodging itself somewhere in the club."

- NY Times

Burress could have shot Pierce!

Motown Blue said...

In the end I do believe that thy should part ways more as a business decision and he is not worth the trouble he puts you through.

But I do have a major issue with the media, politicians and everyone jumping to conculsions before all the facts are in. Stories have been published that have been completely inaccurate. Bloomberg pisses me off with his politicall grandstanding which I think has created the DA to politicize the case. The increase in bail is an example.

There also could be a lot that we don't know about Burress in terms of his mental state. I truly believe T.O. is bipolar and wonder too if Burress is sick as well. Could also be drugs or alcohol?

Also, what is up with WRs in the NFL?....T.O., Moss, Chad Johnson, Burress etc...

Mitch said...

Hey Motown Blue...

You are 3000% correct on the media and especially Bloomberg. He has politicized this whole thing because he wants to get re-elected. He wants to hang his hat on Burress/Guns. The economy is in the dumper, so what better way than to get voters on your side by making this case about how he will bring justice to the city. I still think Plax should not ever again play for the Giants, but not because of what the Mayor has said.

BTW, here's a classic Bloomberg story..

Shortly after passing the anti-smoking law in NYC, Bloomberg was at a function held by Wall Street bigshots. During the event, the bigshots handed out and light up cigars. With members of the press present, they ask Bloomberg why he is allowing the Wall Streeters to smoke? He says "It's my job to get laws passed... not to enforce them." Bloomberg's also an ex-smoker. Yeah. He's a role model for fairness.

dberenson said...

If Wellington Mara were still alive, the decision would already be made: Non-football injury list, followed by termination and aggressive action to get their money back and limit salary cap damage.

That's what they should do now.

The Giants' biggest passing outings this season (Seahawks, Cardinals, Redskins) have all come without Plax.

We didn't need Shockey, and we don't need this distraction either.

Andrew said...

UNRELATED BY IMPORTANT: With all that's been going on this season and all the team's success and drama... I would like to take the time to pose the following question... what if Osi were healthy right now? I know it's silly but what if? Imagine how good our already strong defense would be... unstoppable. Now our team has a lot of young talent and a lot of depth... we are set up to be a good team for a long time. So let's say we repeat... assuming we keep at least jacobs and bradshaw in our backfield... next year... doesn't it seem like we'd be much better. We'd get Osi back, a whole bunch of cap room would be open from the plax situation playing out... and we're gonna have an extra second round pick thanks to the saints... who are not doing very well this year and have a difficult finishing schedule. This could be very interesting. On the eve of the superbowl... when Strahan shouted 'They wanna talk about a dynasty... OUR dynasty starts tonight!" Maybe he was on to something. FIGHT ON GMEN

Mitch said...

Plax suspended!


Daniel said...

Plax placed on the non-football injury list also. Ends his season and the Giants don't have to pay him.

Plax is DONE in New York. Period, end of story.

Daniel said...

And, some bad news - Bradshaw was out with Burress and Pierce that night.

Does this get Bradshaw into the dog-house? Didn't Jerry Reese make AB swear not to get into any more trouble?

Mitch said...

It is interesting Andy, because with Osi on one end and Tuck at the other...where would Kiwi play? It is obvious that he is a better at DE then at LB. Would they move Tuck inside or maybe design a new front entirely and play 5-2-4? An interesting problem to have.

With Plax gone they will probably use some of that money to sign Webster to big bucks. After all top fliight CB's get anywhere from $6-8 million per.


AB was at the other end of the room according to various reports.

Andy F. said...

Pls spare Pierce and Bradshaw from this. Is that too much to ask?!

Mike said...

Doesnt sound like Bradshaw did anything. Being at a club when your teammate drops his gun and shoots himself isnt a crime.

Pierce? I'm concerned...he could be dealing with some obstruction charges.

James Allen said...

Pierce is going to get something. Jail is unlikely, but probation and fine are likely. As far as the NFL goes, a probable a 2-4 game suspension when all is said and done.

Way to go Plax, and your "I'm going to do everything my way" attitude. Laugh all the way to the joint douchebag. How important is your kid now, huh?

Andy F. said...

I'm sorry for being so Giants-centric (well, okay, I'm really not)... let all the fallout from this get figured out after the season is over so we don't lose Pierce THIS SEASON.

Crazed Giant fan said...

Hopefully this mess won't embroil Pierce. I think they will look to punish Plax, and they will look away from Pierce. I am sure the Giants will use their "clout" to shield Pierce while offering up Plax as meat.

As far as Bloomberg, he is an ass, looking to make a name for himself and cash in on some TV time. Just keep voting for him for mayor as now he was able to change the rules to allow him to run again for a third term.

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