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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Carl Banks

1) Carl Banks on WFAN yesterday. I am beginning to think that Banks reads this blog for his material. You can argue that I listen to him on radio for mine (!), but I've got the big screen hdtv with the Madden comments on how dead the Giants are on 3rd and 10, so I am not that good!

2) In 1984, the first week of training camp, George Young calls Bill Parcells, tells him 'win or you are fired.' Parcells then called up players and told them he was cutting players and he specifically asked each of them individually if they were going to play for him or not.. the loyalty to his core group of players began.

3) Jacobs makes everyone better. Resilient bunch. Mentally strong, consistent. Force Delhomme to drive the team down the field. Gmen sacrificed pass rush for bend-dont break. Shut Steve Smith down for 2nd half. Giants wanted slugfest, which won out over the Carolina shootout. Giants needed to settle down, Ross near INT.

4) Banks talked a lot about the lack of the short pass leading up to the game.

"I give the offensive coordinator a lot of credit" (for making the necessary changes).

5) "Did you see Kevin Boss become a factor? The intermediate passing. He stayed in there, he blocked, he leaped out in the middle of the field and they hit him on some big plays and he kept the offense in rhythm. They did not do a lot of things in terms of playcalling that kept the team out of rhythm... They went with intermediate rhythm-type plays."

6) Hixon made some big plays. We are without Plaxico. We don't need you to make a spectacular (Plax) play, we just need you to make the Hixon plays.

7) Crazed Giant Fan was all over the poor playcall when Gilbride went to Hedgecock on 3rd and 1. Banks agreed.

8) The Giants will have to beat themselves in order for them to lose in the playoffs. If they continue to function as a team, they will be hard to beat. They are back on track. The teams that can bring pressure will give the Giants the most problems.

9) Jacobs, use him for 5 plays on Sunday and take him out. Tollefson and Bradshaw, get out there and play. GET HEALTHY. What is best for the Giants 2008 team is to get them rest and practice them well to keep them sharp.

10) It was painful, I had to sit through them talking Jets for like 40 minutes crying about the coaching staff. Tell me something we don't already know. We said it here many weeks ago, that the coaching staff of the Jets was the weakest link.


Mitch said...

I always enjoy Carl's analysis. He gives a unique perspective to a player or coaches thinking into why certain things work or fail on the field.

It is hard to nitpick the Giants' performance after such a terrific win...but that is what we do here.

I am concerned about the snapping of Jay Alford, who has been snapping for field goals and extra points. He had 2 poor ones Sunday night. I wonder if it is because Alford's time on the defensive line has increased with the absence of Fred Robbins. (But I seem to remember a few poor ones last season as well)

Aaron Ross's inconsistance in coverage. I know he is still young, but he always seems to slip or stumble in coverage. On that near interception when he jumped and was falling backward, I wish he would make the decision to knock it down rather than to flail at making a pick. I'm sure he will improve, but with the playoffs looming, the caches have to get him to understand what and what not to do.

Carney's short kickoffs. Since we will play at home, the cold weather will have an effect on his kickoffs. We have discussed them before on the blog, but we may have to use Tynes on kickoffs at the expense of a player. We can't have teams starting at the 35-40 yard lane every series.

If Bradshaw is healthy enough to return kickoffs, then why oh why can't we see him in the backfield a few more times. He gets used less than Leon Washington (sorry Wonder) and he is a legitimate homerun threat every time he touches the ball. On Sunday, watching Ward (and he was terrific obviously) in the 4th qtr & overtime, I can't help but think Bradshaw would have taken it to the "House" where Ward was caught from behind. (I know Andy, you have said this ad-infinitum, but it needs to be said again)

Spags has to change his approach with the LB's. They are so, so slow in coverage on the intermediate patterns, that he must devise a better way to handle those routes.

As far as the Vikings game is concerned, I would hope Coughlin treats it like a the 4th exhibition game and the starters just make cameo appearances. Something tells me he won't, because it is just not his M.O.

That's it for my nitpicking today. But I feel great about our team and the direction we are going.

dberenson said...

I worry about some of the same things Mitch raises:

1. Kickoffs: Carney made the pro bowl because of a good FG percentage, and because its neat to send a really old guy. I get it. But the kickoff thing could be huge. Carolina started several drives well beyond the 35 yard line on Sunday. And given how gassed our defense was, it was a miracle they managed to keep the Panthers from FG range.

2. Resting for the Minnesota Game: Coughlin has apparently said that he wants to play to win. That's fine, but I do hope he gives some of the injured players the benefit of the doubt.

xtian said...

don't expect coughlin to rest anyone except injuried players--which at this time of year could be everyone--he will play to win; the players like this. :) still i do expect the backups to get some snaps. if there is a blowout--doubtful--then all the backups will get on the field.

hit the nail on the head with carneys kos and starting on the 35-40 every drive. just asking for trouble.

listening to killer [kowaski] carl banks now. let's face it, the jets are 40 yrs removed from namath and sb victory--only appearance--and have a history of choking and sucking. but i don't care! benigno is a true fan of the mets and jets but he gets hysterical and irrational. god forbid he ever ran anything, it would be a disaster.

i would have jacobs play the 1st quarter--at the most--if he is ok and then feed ward to get his 1000. after that it's mostly bshaw and maybe ware.

would love to see moss and manningham get snaps--though they are small the running game would suffer.

interesting point about alford being tired [or banged up] and effecting his snapping.

gilbride to oak maybe; good luck with that. lol

Bob said...

I believe Coughlin is out of his mind if he plays key injured personnel like Robbins, Jacobs and Tuck. Get them healthy and fresh for the long playoff struggle. If they aggrevate their injuries for a meaningless game, we're screwed.
One reason that we have no defensive pressure is that Robbins & Tuck are injured & burned out.

Let guys like BRADSHAW,Alford,Tolefson play the whole game. Also lets see what Manningham, Moss and Danny Ware can produce.

I see this year very different than 2007. We've already proved
what we can do. Now we must put our guys in condition to demonstrate it again

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