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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Phil Simms Week 15

1) Steelers-Ravens: Field Turf at Baltimore helps them, not the same as Heinz Field. Numbers DO tell the story for Pit defense, not a single team has put up 300 yds vs the Steelers this season. (ultimatenyg> Yes, but the Giants got into the red zone SIX times, were able to move the ball against them. Like Wonder says, Play Action against 8 men in the box. That was what got us 7 vs them in that last drive.) Romo took chances last week against the Steelers that he did not need to take. Roethlisberger has much more patience, plays within their approach. Both defenses are complicated. Simms likes Polamulu (over Ed Reed), makes the tackles also, defends the pass and is around the ball. Even though Simms is doing the game, you could tell in between the lines that he was leaning towards the Steelers because their defense is better and because Roethlisberger is the veteran and Flacco is the student.

2) Giants-Cowboys: Distraction for the Cowboys is real. In between the lines, players are calling out the coaches. That is when it is very bad. Jones means well, but when you get too close to the players, doesn't work. Players think they are part of the process, and it blurs the line of responsibility, where responsibility/roles end. This does not help Romo. Without Jacobs (who drives the Giants offense), that will be enough for the Cowboys to win the game. Dallas will not overpower the Giants OL, but they won't be run over because Jacobs not there. The Giants have time to fix their problems, need Hixon healthy, get Jacobs back, be ready for the playoffs. Next weekend, they will beat the Carolina Panthers, the Giants match up well with them in all 3 or 4 major categories and will win.

3) Jets-Bills: the Bills will shut off the Jets passing game. Bills too weak though, the Jets will win. Favre, take away Denver game, he is throwing the ball well, no one got open in SF.

4) Texans-Titans: Texans have a chance at home today. If Schaub can get protection, they will win. After Ryans and Williams, the Texans defense falls off too fast and will lose the game for them.

5) Simms MVP (at the moment) is James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers. "He makes 3 to 4 plays EVERY game." Francesa chimed in with Peyton Manning.


Motown Blue said...


Webster signed through 2013. In Reese we trust!

bruno said...

Motown; that's great news. BTW: I think Mr Reese is the Giants best asset. The Cowboys entire season is riding on this game and the Giants r trying to get their players healthy. If the Giants win, a lot of credit has to go to the coaching staff.

Andy F. said...

FANTABULOUS! Before the Pro Bowl announcements Tuesday, very smart, great job Reese.

Bass said...

Great news about Corey Webster. Nice signing. Analagous to when they signed Tuck before he became a big time free agent.

Per Curt Menefee...With the Falcons win today, the Saints are eliminated from playoff contention.

It is supposed to be windy tonight in Dallas. But I don't think that will have a major impact on the game because of the design of the stadium.

Supposedly on NBC tonight--on the pregame, Tiki will admit to Eli that he was wrong when he questioned Eli's leadership.

Mitch said...

I heard that the Webster deal included a Tim Lewis dart board.

Gotta like the way Jerry Reese goes about his biz. He assembles his own "Reeses Pieces"

Nature said...

i gotta say that Mr. Reese is on the job...now if he can get us Anquan Boldin...

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