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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Andre Brown's 2009 season is done

Andre Brown tore his Achilles yesterday, the first significant loss of 2009 training camp. For those of you who dismiss this nonchalantly, that this is just a rookie, that is a big mistake. This one hurts. We felt Brown had an excellent chance to help the team. The Giants not only lose depth this year at RB, they also may lose a young man's career. This is a long recovery. At this point we can only hope he makes it back to the football field competitively.


Lou Spevack said...

With Ware as the number 3, this doesn't hurt too badly. It would be much worse to lose someone at safety or center. (Wait. Is there anyone behind Ohara?) I hope we'll see Brown back next year.

Andy F. said...

Lou- While you are correct to say it will won't hurt the team too badly, that is 2009.

In the positive circumstances of a good recovery, you need these guys on the field learning their blocking assignments etc.., so (1) he loses a year, period.

In a sneaky way it undermines your draft and depth. (2) Reese needs this guy there when negotiating extensions for Bradshaw and Ware. Reese can afford to be gracious with the Eli money because of his success at places like RB (where he has been drafting so well that he has extra resources to go around).

You also have to know (3) a RB like this is supposed to be an integral part of your special teams. So while it should not and will not be a pivotal loss, it's a setback.

Bob said...


You're right. RB is a position
where players wear down more quickly
and our depth at RB has been a
major strength. Here goes some of
our depth.

Also, Brown might be our # 2
or # 3 RB in a few years. We need him
preparing for that.

glenn warciski said...


I have been away a few days. When I heard about Brown's injury, I was affected. Even after a successful recovery, he may not be the same player.

Andy F. said...

Glenn- you should listen to Coughlin's words about Brown and you'll be even more saddened by this loss. Coughlin was really positive about the things Andre Brown was doing in camp. Paraphased, he said Brown looked like the other RBs that were making it for the Giants in the past, that he was lowering his shoulder and he was getting it done. So this one hurts. We'll have to wait until 2011 probably to really know. The Giants will give him another crack at it in 2010 but an Achilles means 2 years before you are really contributing meaningfully.

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