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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Poll- Which WR will shine for the Giants?

Russ noted how Peter King is getting out the Mario Manningham megaphone. King thinks: "Manningham is going to get every chance to be the bookend to Steve Smith at some point. That's how good Manningham's offseason was."

Which WR is going to have the breakout season for the Giants in 2009? Take the Poll at the upper right of the blog. And if you have not been keeping up with all of the upticks and downticks of camp, here is a Garafolo recap thus far to help you with your vote.

While ultimatenyg was busy rafting, Derek Hagan has been getting some attention in training camp. If the Giants keep 6 WRs for the roster, he is still going to have a hard time getting a spot.


Andrew Nisinson said...

It's hard to really answer this question. Firstly I think Steve Smith shouldn't be in this conversation, he's gonna start and he's going to continue to do what he did before, just not in the slot as much. He might start to make some deeper catches but he's not that kinda player, I've been watching him for six years and he has always been a move the chains kinda guy. He'll be a real stud for us this year no doubt. In terms of a breakout year that people don't expect at all, I would say Dominik Hixon is vastly underrated. At his best he looks like a superstar, and the guy is young and started for the first time last year. Let's not forget, he started the game against Arizona, and he played on offense and on special teams. He was incredible in that game, against a good team with a good secondary (rodg-crom is a beast). All I know is that in all of those highlight videos from camp, there is at least one shot of Hixon making a diving/one handed/homerun catch. This guy is seriously legit. So those are our starters, and I'm pretty hopeful about them. That brings us to the big question, who is number three? I think this is the real issue. At this point it's a three horse race between Moss, Manningham and Nicks. Barden is very talented and has lots of upside, but I don't think he'll be the number three guy. He'll get red zone touches for sure though. Right now I think Moss is the front runner, everyone talks about him glowingly and I think he'll be put in to really mix it up and make plays. Then Manningham, in the beginning Mario will probably be used much like Steve Smith was used last year (slot receiver) who will occasionally be used to go deep (which will be a nice way of keeping D's off balance). Then Nicks. He's NFL ready, he'll get touches, he doesn't know the playbook like the others do and the Giants are a total meritocracy... 'oh you were the first round pick... do you know the plays in and out? can you block? what's eli's favorite flavor of ice cream? don't know? you will study until you are ready.' We won't see too much of Nicks til W4 at the earliest... unless he breaks out majorly between then and now, which could happen, the guy has a lot of speed and power for a 6'1" receiver. So that's how I feel. GO GMEN!

Andrew Nisinson said...

I just want everyone to stay healthy, and I mean everyone... as a Mets fan, I'm very tired of injuries!

Andrew Nisinson said...


I'm sure you've read this Andy, but for anyone who hasn't, great interview with Reese, he's awesome.

Anonymous said...

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