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Friday, August 7, 2009

Fantasy Football- Giants Edition

The only link we have that has anything to do with Fantasy Football ("FF") is The Fantasy Football Librarian. It is a really good site run by a football freak named Sara Holliday that has everything you need to know about the players to pick, etc..

Ultimatenyg knows very little about FF but enough about the Giants to discuss 1/32nd of the FF drafting stock. Let's go through each position ON A FF VALUE BASIS:

Eli Manning- NO. Stay away. Eli gets better each year, but he is not the kind of QB you can expect to take over a game. And since he still plays in the Meadowlands Wind Tunnel and has not made any offseason attempts to change his grip for the tight spiral, let him drop. Check his stats in late Nov/December. Nasty with a capital N.

Running Back:
Brandon Jacobs- NO. He just signed a big contract, he slows down, he gets hurt every year, his only redeeming fantasy value is that he is a short yardage pounder for TDs. Let him fall for value.

Ahmad Bradshaw- YES. On a value basis he could explode. Assuming he stays healthy and protects the ball (he did not do either very well last year), he is a secret weapon that is #2 on the depth chart behind Brandon Jacobs. That means platoon relief and plenty of touches. The Gilbride factor (see Kevin Boss below) should not be a problem. He'll be in his 3rd year, he knows the offense, he has TD ability every time he touches the ball. We're sticking our necks out here and saying he is going to be awfully good for the Giants this season. GET HIM.

Danny Ware- Maybe. When all of the RBs are gone, you take him because either Bradshaw or Jacobs will get hurt and then you'll have a lot of touches.

Andre Brown- NO. But get this guy in 2011. Remember where you read about him first.

Wide Receiver:
Smith- NO
Hixon- NO
Moss- NO
Manningham- Maybe. He's worth a gamble at the very end of the draft because he could be a sleeper lottery ticket that gets cashed if he has his s*** together.
Nicks- NO
Barden- NO. 2011 Red zone monster?

Tight End
Kevin Boss- YES. The only enemy of taking this guy is named Kevin Gilbride, the Offensive Coordinator of the NY Giants. One of these days Gilbride is going to wake up and realize that he has a 1000 yard receiving option who is not a WR. One of these days Gilbride is going to wake up and realize that he has TD RED ZONE MONEY and his name is Kevin Boss. He's big, fast enough and has great hands. All he needs is his number to be called. He has a high TD/Reception ratio because he did not get get thrown the ball enough AND still managed to get 5 TDs when Gilbride was awake. This pick has less to do with Boss and everything to do with the OC. If he's in the gameplan, you will score big with this player.

Travis Beckum- Maybe. Worth a gamble at the very end of the draft. He's a rookie who could get meaningful touches. No training camp upticks yet.

Summary- Boss and Bradshaw are off of national radar because the OC needs a lobotomy. With Ward gone to TB, this is now Bradshaw's chance. And if the OC gets Tight End religion Boss is tremendous value.


Matt said...

i completely agree with the crux of your argument -- that Bradshaw and Boss are largely ignored by the mainstream sports media, and the OC for that matter -- yet they are excellent, excellent weapons.

the Gilbride factor -- which i feel is obvious to most any football enthusiast and most giants fans, still gets ignored as well. i totally agree with what youre saying here... they have GOT to get more creative and start using some of these weapons they have bottled up for no good reason.

If you are a hard headed OC supporter -- and you said they had their reasons for not using these guys to the fullest extent possible, then I say show me the superbowl ring from 2008.

you cant, because they didnt.

Giants have the depth, have the weapons, and have the ability -- lets start using it.

and speaking of weapons -- i think Hixon has a break out year, and steve smith should also be considered for Fantasy points.

the giants are LOADED with sleeper players that will fetch great points for a cheap price.

Andy F. said...

hixon can put together nice #s if he can stay healthy. Steve Smith was another OC problem last season. We looked at this in the offseason- he got less touches by Gilbride despite Burress leaving the lineup.

Anonymous said...

Lobotomy? Another one?

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