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Monday, August 10, 2009

Camp Comments

1) all the flack about the exchange from center is purely because the Giants did not re-sign Grey Ruegamer. No credible backup. Giants almost 'lucky' that O'Hara was out so that the first team could see how deficient it is.

2) Defensive tackle Fred Robbins was activated from the physically unable to perform list (PUP) and participated in individual drills. Coughlin said he might begin to take part in team work tomorrow on a limited basis.Anything we get from him will be good,” Coughlin said.

Well, this is unexpected and very good news. We felt that Robbins would be on the PUP at the start of the season, given how difficult it is to get immediate success with microfracture surgery, combined with the knees of an aging DLineman. Looks like we'll be wrong come Week 1, assuming Robbins continues to make progress. Whether this translates to Robbins making a meaningful contribution is another matter altogether, but it will be impossible for him to make less of a contribution while activated than on the PUP.

3) “Beckum has gotten a little bit better each day,” Coughlin said. “The thing I think he’s started to do a little better is the physical aspect as a blocker.” Let this remark by Coughlin be a sober reminder to all of us that these rookies (Beckum, Barden, Nicks, Brown) are not going to get on the field to make an impact on offense unless they are first able to block up their assignment. It's good news to see Beckum at least headed in the right direction. So often these guys disappear their first year because they are not fundamentally sound.

4) A little nugget on Bradshaw from Coughlin..

Q. How has Ahmad Bradshaw’s camp been so far?
A. Good.

Q. What’s the biggest challenge as his role is changing?
A. He’s caught the ball well. Obviously, if he can continue to do that, he will help us out tremendously. He runs the ball well, he’s been out there on kickoff returns and punt returns. He’s done a pretty good at picking it all up. Also, his pass protection has really improved. As we go forward, that’s going to have to continue to be a solid part of his game.

We have always felt that #44's blocking/blitz pickup was improving and that he was okay there. The Achilles.. his fumbling. It is not mentioned here in the Q&A. But without parsing out the words too aggressively, "good" means the caveat is still there- as long as Bradshaw protects the ball, he is going to have a very good season. He should be able to get the touches and this will be explosive for the team when he gets them. We need a guy like this to move the chains, to be a threat out of the backfield. He stretches the opposing defense, causing problems for them the same way that a Westbrook causes problems once the defense has dropped into coverage. Bradshaw does not need to be Westbrook. He just needs to be Bradshaw.

5) Wonder on the Eagles: WOW !! IF, IF, IF the rumors are true, Eagles lost Cornelius Ingram for the SEASON with a torn ACL...if so, HUGE LOSS, not only for this year, but for the future..he'll never be the same again..I thought he was a STEAL in the 5th round....Eagles keep losing guys...AND their OL is really IN FLUX due to injuries as well...IF so, might be able to overpower their OL and blitz the bleep out of them...and put McNabb on his big old butt...!!


Russ Wellen said...

Speaking of receiving, twice this week Peter King has written about Mario Manningham as the answer to not only the Giants', but any team's, receiving prayers. Today, Manningham is even pictured on si.com's NFL home page beside King's MMQ.

Yet I don't see Manningham spoken of in such glowing terms in the New York media or at UltimateNYG. Of course, King isn't a Giants beat writer.

Do UltimateNYG readers think Manningham is poised to emerge as starter along with Steve Smith and have, as King prognosticated, a 70-catch season?

Russ Wellen said...

Forgot to mention how deserving King is of that NFL Hall of Fame award he got this weekend.

Mark said...

"The Giants’ defensive line ran a few plays with five players in three-point stances, instead of the usual four. “We’re just getting started playing around with that kind of stuff,” Tom Coughlin said."

NYT LaPointe's Extra Points section today 8/10

Motown Blue said...

Before training camp I was in agreement with UltimateNYG with the following concerns about this team:

The Ultimatenyg 5 issues:
1. LBer LBer LBer
2. Lack of depth at OL
3. Boss touches
4. Hixon on kickoffs
5. Lack of depth at S

But I am now ranking the issues as follows:

1) OL depth, especially center.
2) Boss and B'dshaw touches
3) Hixon on Kickoffs
4) Chemistry with WRs

The center backups have been abysmal thus far and they need to make a trade and/or pick up Ruegie. Tackle doesn't scare me as much as Center and Guard.

I laugh when I hear national media comment on Bdshaw as a "scat back at most"...just watch him in XLII take on 320 lb DT and move him for another 5-8 yards. The guy has more power than he is given credit for. That being said Gilbrown needs to utilize all the skills he has been blessed with.

We've already discussed Boss ad naeseum.

Hixon, ditto.

The INTs are a concern and hope they develop a chemistry quick as Eli will get his fair share of INTs based on his innacuracy issues. Perhaps that is why they have been throwing a lot downfield early in camp.

The LBs are coming along well with youth and more atheliticism. Kehl has been more physical and Sintim has been better in coverage than what was anticipated. I have also changed my outlook on Pierce and believe he will exceed expectations this year. You would think that the new DC would have been all over management if he believed he had a weak LB unit given his former position.

Safety has been the strong point thus far with Phillips play, Sha'reef and the unknown Vince Anderson shining.

Andy F. said...

Russ- we did note that Manningham and Moss both had good offseasons. And the only Giants WR I would have a mild 'value' interest in for FF stats was Manningham (because he would be available at the bottom of the FF draft). But even with that said, Peter King is a little ahead of himself. The Giants simply have enough WRs with enuf pedigree and enough oppty that SOMEONE should step out from the crowd and shine. What I am going to do is put up a poll and ask which WR shines in 2009. With all due respect to King and Manningham, my vote will not be for Manningham, although we all will be THRILLED if it turns out that he is the one who does.

Mark- In 2007 we had the 4-headed monster of Tuck/Strahan/Kiwi/Osi rushing with their ears pinned back. Then Kiwi went down, but we got the idea we had something special. Now we have Tuck/Canty/Kiwi/Osi and you can even throw in a few others too. If this group is healthy they are going to be an Offensive Coordinator's nightmare. Imagine if Boley is healthy and rushing the QB. Or how about one of the corners. They even like Sintim as a possible pass rusher. Good Eats.

Motown- Clearly the LBer issue dodged its first bullet with Pierce coming out unscathed. And if his words are backed up by his actions on the field, his rededication/focus could help his play a lot. I like Pierce when he plays with a little of that famous chip on his shoulder. When he was that undrafted guy who no one knew, he was great. Last year when he was the Pro Bowl guy with a ring, he was less so. Is that a coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. But however it gets done, if he ups the level of his game, he certainly removes 'some' of the LBer issues. NOT ALL of them. But enough to put the other issues up there.

I do not have Bradshaw touches up there because either he deserves them and will get them, or if he cannot hold onto the ball and does not then Ware will get them. So I do not think Gilbride is going to be an obstacle this year to Bradshaw. I really believe Bradshaw controls his own fate.

The lack of depth at OL certainly is at issue in the center snap exchange. Not a coincidence at all.

Safety depth - you (regular season games) have to show me. Guys like Sam Garnes and Gibril Wilson (lower round draft picks) hit the ground running and started their first game as a pro. So it is possible these guys can come in and make meaningful contributions. It is also possible they can be liabilities. So we have to wait. It is encouraging to hear some nice comments from the coaches and media on them, but let's see what they look like in preseason games and then September.

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