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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Where did your draft resources go?

We wanted to get an analytical assessment of which positions the Giants drafted over the past 10 years. Specifically, where did the significant (first three rounds of) resources get allocated?

1st round pick = 3 points
2nd round pick = 2 points
3rd round pick = 1 point

OL=5 pts (ie Snee and Beatty 2 pts each, Hatch 1 pt)
QB=7 pts (Eli lovers, remember he cost you two 1's and a 3, forgetting the 5)


But wait, we now must divide by the number of starters on the field:
OL=5 starters
QB=1 starter..


So we now get the final answer of number of draft points allocated to each WEIGHTED player spot over the past 10 years (sorted from highest to lowest):

QB = 7.0
WR = 5.0
SEC= 4.0
TE = 3.8
DL = 3.0
RB = 2.3
LB = 1.2
OL = 1.0


1) First we have to note that 32 points of offense were drafted vs 29 points on defense, so overall there has no particular bias between squads.

2) OL and LB have been denied resources. It is a good thing one of the 5 picks in the first three rounds in 2009 was taken on a LBer (Sintim) or else this position would have come in at a whopping low of 0.4. That is embarrassing. OL needs more resources and this has not received much attention ONLY because of the (knock on wood) health of the starters not exposing the lack of depth.

3) Despite the fact that we have always been on record that the Eli Manning trade was overpayment, it should not bother anyone to see QB get these resources over a 10 year period. But once again, this 7.0 rating should remind everyone just how much Accorsi committed and just how exposed the franchise was if the pick did not work. There was no value and no margin for error.

4) WR got too many resources. It has gotten consistently too much attention and these numbers bear that out. About the only logical extension of this misallocation is that at least the Giants are consistent in also allocating heavy resources to the same people COVERING them- the Defensive Secondary. So if you want to observe anything from all of this, the FIRST THREE POSITIONS ACKNOWLEDGE HOW THE RULE CHANGES FAVORING PASSING HAVE AFFECTED THE GIANTS' FOCUS TO THE PLAYERS DIRECTLY INVOLVED IN THE PASSING GAME.


Bob said...

Looking at your weighted results,
it is interesting that we are strong
at OL & RB, having allocated so few
weighted resources to these positions.

10 Miles said...

Yes, I think the RB is the interesting finding. Of all positions, RB seems most susceptible to injury and shortened careers. Additionally, even a talented RB can't do much without a serviceable OL. It seems the Giants are on the right track with their weighting on this position. As Andy mentioned, a lack of allocation to OL is the bigger concern. We've been (crossing fingers) pretty lucky there.

It might also be interesting to find some way to account for free agency...not that the Giants have been extraordinarily active there. Off the top of my head, the attention with monetary (as opposed to draft) resources have been concentrated in the areas of draft focus (WR, DL, and DB) and also some non-draft focus (LB). Could easily be wrong here as my memory can be selective.

Adam said...

Not sure if this is the right place for this comment, but just saw on Mosley's blog post yesterday that Cornelius Ingram tore his ACL and is done for '09 (and Mosley suggests, possibly for good) - I seem to recall your or Wonder's comments that he was a great pick if you could get past the medical issues. We picked Bomar two picks before him, and given the way camp has been going, have to feel good about that pick. Just further evidence that the draft/personnel coverage of Reese & Co. is solid, and kudos to ULTNYG for sniffing that one out.

Andy F. said...

Adam- Yes, Wonder commented on Ingram, we dug out the comment and linked to it. Wonder also comments on the injury development. None of us are orthopedic surgeons so we cannot speak to the issues involved with this kind of a draft pick. It was a great pick by the Eagles because at the 5th round it was a lottery ticket. Sometimes you cash, sometimes you don't.

Anonymous said...

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