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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Players Report to Camp TODAY!

The wait is over. Players report to Albany today and camp practices begin tomorrow.

And what a nice job by Reese and Nicks to get a deal done yesterday, so that everyone is in on time.

Everyone is still freaking out and putting way too much attention on the situation at WR. STOP!

Reasons to 'worry NOT' about WR:
1) Moss and Manningham had a good offseason
2) This unit has a ton of pedigree-#1,#2,#2,#3,#3
3) They'll get all the reps from OTAs and camp, so improvement will continue
4) QB/TE/RB/OL are all rock solid
5) Lots of wild cards for upside. And longshot Beckum too.
6) Lots of depth when you consider that #5 on the depth chart is the 1st rounder
7) Coaches have been very happy with the speed of this unit
8) Kevin Boss can(/SHOULD) move the sticks too

And the real reasons to 'worry NOT' about WR:
9) BECAUSE 6th year pro Manning needs to/should/will take more responsibility for their success
10) BECAUSE LBer is a much bigger problem
11) BECAUSE OL is a much bigger problem as soon as someone goes down
12) BECAUSE S is a much bigger problem as soon as someone goes down

Of course there are question marks at WR. But if someone from this group does not step out and make an impact then we'll be surprised, even if it is just from a statistical perspective ALONE. Moss could have made an impact last year if the coaches would have used him more. Hixon WILL make an impact if he stays healthy. Smith will make an impact if the repetition at camp pays off, which we would expect it to. Manningham and Nicks have loads of upside and the only question is whether the timing is going to be this year or not. So relax, something will stick. And just maybe a lot more than something.


Mitch said...

I would like to see someone else step up and grab the kick returners role. That would alleviate Hixon from that task so he could fully concentrate on being the X receiver.

Andy F. said...

Mitch, I respectfully disagree. I have no problem with some competition, but Domenik Hixon is arguably the best kick returner I have seen for the Giants since as far back as I can remember (the late 60's). You know I am a big Ahmad Bradshaw booster, but he was completely ordinary last season, getting ~22 yards per kickoff. Hixon returned the kickoff three times, got 180 yards! Not that he would keep up that kind of average, but Hixon can break it every time he is back there. He simply makes a big difference to field position and I'd rather see him miss the first play from scrimmage and have burner Moss in there starting from the 38 than Hixon starting from the 25.

Anonymous said...

With the OL weak it was surprising to see the Giants rid themselves of Ruegamer(sp?). He did a good job playing when the center couldn't play in the playoffs 2 years ago. It wasn't readily apparent there was a dropoff in execution. Maybe he's older and slower now.

From what I remember their 2nd round pick OL from UConn hasn't impressed with his play so far.

Russ Wellen said...

I agree that Hixon is the greatest Giant kick returner ever. He was wasted last year returning punts.

As far as the wide receivers, I'm not sure what more people want out of Steve Smith. He's doing his Wes Welker thing just fine. Just needs more touches.

Returning to Hixon: In the early part of last year, emotionally recovered from the collision with Kevin Everett, he just kept making plays as a receiver. But, apparently injured and then after making that big drop, many lost faith in him.

Perhaps he was now subject to coverage that Burress was drawing. I don't know, but I'm looking for a return to that gamer form he displayed early last year.

Hicks, Barden, Manningham, and Moss may all be in the mix, but don't give up on Hixon.

For more on what a high-character guy he is, check out this article from just before the Giants-Pats Superbowl: Giants' Hixon recovers from fateful collison.

Mitch said...

Maybe I wasn't clear. I know Hixon is great as a kick returner. I just felt last year when he was pressed into doing both jobs because of the Plax situation, he wasn't as explosive as a wideout as he was previously.

If Manningham beats him out...well, I'm fine with Hixon being the return man.
But, if he wins the wideout job outright then I feel it is not advantageous for him to do both. The possibility of injury increases as well.

Andy F. said...

I understand what you are saying now, Mitch. I can certainly appreciate that point of view. You do have good company with the coaching staff, that obviously agrees with you. But for my money, I want the field position and I am willing to take a slightly less effective Hixon with a few less snaps to have that. Between all of the other players, they can show some stuff too and earn that 'relief' role.

Crazed Giant fan said...

Hixon is an impact player on KO's. Each team only has a few real diffence makers in various roles. You must use your difference makers wisely. He produced more on KO's than as a WR. Ergo, you use him for KO's and less as a WR.

Anonymous said...

I completly agree with crazed giants fan. Keep Hixon at what he does best. We have plenty more at reciever that are just as good.

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