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Monday, August 3, 2009

Rocky Bernard has a "non-football injury"

1) The info on the margin is that with camp starting today, Rocky Bernard has a non-football injury.

That Coughlin himself was caught by surprise is a candid admission from the coaching staff that they were blindsided by this. A guy goes away ~6 weeks ago, comes back with a non-football injury? When? How? Why wasn't it reported to the Giants medical staff? Barring the injury occurring within the last two days, the lack of communication is disappointing.

2) Coughlin referred to Pierce's legal situation as "serious." If Pierce was involved with obstruction, then that would be legitimate. But if it is not that, then it sounds like political grandstanding at its worst.

3) In case you missed it from the comments section a few days ago, a special shout out to Russ Wellen for providing a link to an article in the Atlantic Monthly from last October. Not a good article, A GREAT ARTICLE. MUST READ. Must read for Giants fans. Must read for football fans. Must read for people who want to understand where the game was and where it is. And by the way, the NFL Network and NFL Films are missing a great opportunity if they do not have one of these shows all the time on breaking down film of the classic games with coaches today. Thanks Russ.


Mitch said...

Kudos to Russ

I had meant to mention this article after I read it, and forgot.

As Jeff Spicoli said in "Fast times at Ridgemont High", "Awesome...totally awesome"

glenn warciski said...

Thank you Russ. Indeed, a fantastic read.

Russ Wellen said...

Rocky's off to a rocky start, isn't he?

Regarding the Bowden article and Andy's idea, can't you just picture Bill Belichick dissecting one of the Lombardi-coached Packer championship games?

Anonymous said...

Are there enough football nerds like us to make Andy's idea financially feasible? No offence to the rest of the football world and not to toot my own horn to much but until I found this blog, I didn't know there where other people who really understood the game.

Anonymous said...

That is an excellent article. Not surprising really with Mark Bowden writing it.

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