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Friday, August 14, 2009

More camp

We're not going to wax nostalgic and romanticize with the Giants IN CAMP.. onto another post...

Vick signed with the Eagles. Why is it that trouble seems to always find a Weigh Station at the NFC East? Very smart by the Eagles to give this guy a ONE year deal. He is not the alpha male, he is a player trying to help his team, and (pun intended) he is on a short leash. It is not entirely clear how much playing time he will get in 2009, given his need to get in game-playing condition, his need to learn the playbook, the suspension issues etc..

Positive comments from Coughlin on Sintim. "Working with the 1's." Not so positive remarks on the offense as a whole. Is it me, or is ALMOST EVERY YEAR the defense ahead of the offense?

Kiwanuka- to be fair, this season he has the luxury of training camp AT HIS POSITION. So we like the upside. He's been able to make an impact. It has not been consistent. But this year he'll be busy. Sheridan is going to enable him to get good matchups on pass rushing, so we see no reason why he can't have a very good year. Coughlin had some very good things to say about him.

At this point Hagan seems to have an inside track to make the roster. If he plays in preseason as well as he is practicing, do the Giants keep 7 WRs? We've got some time before that question arises, but we knew there were roster issues at WR a while ago. Still have them.

Bob Papa offers up three players by name who he feels have stood out in training camp:
1) Bryan Kehl
2) Terrell Thomas
3) Kenny Phillips

If these three second year players can make that leap and not only contribute but also make impact plays, then this defense can be formidable. The DL is looking to dominate, so you want to have the guys behind them clean up and feast off of the opptys.


Bob said...

My jaw dropped when I heard the news last night about Vick signing with the Eagles. The Eagles had the guts to do what other teams were afraid to do.

The eagles already were one of the most improved teams, talentwise, for 2009. Now they add one of the greatest talents to wear a football uniform in the past 10 tears.

I know Vick won't do much in 2009.
But in 2010 and beyond, the Eagles
O will be an unbelieveable scoring

Russ Wellen said...

You may be right, Bob. Watch out, too, if Vick actually learns to read a defense.

Still don't know if that compensates for loss of Stewart Bradley at MLB.

Andrew Nisinson said...

Are the Eagles gonna start running the wildcat? Vick will be ready to play by the time his suspension is up. I'm interested to see how they use him. They didn't sign michael vick to just be McNabb's backup, that would be really stupid.

Bob said...

This puts huge pressure on Mc Nabb
to perform.

My bet is Vick is the starting QB by 2011. Can you imagine, Vick,
De saun Jackson, Maclin , Westbrook
and Celek on the field at the same time, once they're all up to speed. And they have a good O-line

They're going to give us big headaches.

I can not understand why Minnesota
didn't sign Vick. They would have been awesome with him. In a year, Vick will be so much better than a
40 yr old Brett Favre.

xtian said...

i was shocked to hear the eagles signed vick. this could play out a lot of ways. there is no denying vick's talent. i expect a bunch of gadget plays.

but what will it do to team chemistry. a lot of players are going to go out of their way to nail him and be extra rough with him, even on his own team. i can only imagine all the dog related comments that will burn in his ears.

Pastime Princess said...

I have gone on record and will do so again. Vick will never ever be anything much in the NFL. He will never be able to stay healthy long enough. He will have his moments but that will be it. Elway was the best QB talent wise I have ever seen. He was able to take fair teams all the way to the SB back when that was imposable to do but he didn't win till he had a whole team around him and played within the system.

Andy F. said...

Wonder is not bashful with his reply: "hope the bleepers go 0-16....Goodell caved in...maybe the PETA protestors won't allow a single fan inside to see the bleep."

Coleman said...

Re: offense being ahead of defense (because who isn't sick of Vick at this point), nobody's gonna say that our team has the best (or even top 5) offense in the league, but we have a legitimate shot at a top 2 or 3 defense this year. jtuck, osi, and kiwi are gonna eat mvick for lunch

GoodPunk6 said...

The eagles ran the wildcat offense towards the end of the year anyway. It was DeSean Jackson taking snaps.

The Iggles didn't sign Vick to just sit behind McNabb.

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